4 Detailed Games to Play When You’ve Got Time to Kill

Sometimes when you are taking a break from work or study, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy your favorite pastime. If you have ample time to kill, however, then you are going to want to play something epic in scope. Whether you want to play a meaty role-playing game or a game that has more side quests and collectables than you think you can handle, it’s nice to play a game with a lot of content. Here are four options that more than fill that need:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

witcher 3 wild hunt release date

There is a reason why The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took home numerous (more than 30) Game of the Year awards in 2015. It is not only one of the most in-depth PC games of all-time, but it’s one of the most detailed games ever constructed. This is a game that has an approximate completion time of 100 hours. Many of the quests that you partake in have branching paths. You could spend several weeks on side quests alone. The size of the world is about 20 percent larger than Skyrim. There is also additional DLC that has been released for this game which will add even more content to explore.

Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5 pc release date

Speaking of a PC game that you can spend countless hours messing around with, have you ever played Grand Theft Auto V? You can play around for hours in this massive world and simply wreak havoc for fun, or you could complete various missions to progress through the story. That being said, this game also features enough side quests to keep you busy for days. The world in Grand Theft Auto V is utterly massive and you can explore the city, towns, the wilderness and more.

When you factor in GTA Online, you get even more to work with. Running heists with a group of your friends doesn’t get old quickly, and you can try to take on the restricted regions and even stand a shot of surviving. Tanks and jet fighters do work well together. There are the occasional cheaters and hackers, but there are guides to staying safe using a VPN on otherwise questionable servers. New content for GTA Online is released regularly, so good to check in every couple of months once you’re finally done with it.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 PC

RPGs are usually the type of game you want when you want to burn the midnight oil. Fallout 4 is an RPG that’s nearly without end. This is an action RPG that is set in a massive open post-apocalyptic world. The game also packs in the ability to customize all of your weapons and you can even create and grow settlements over the landscape. There are over 700 equipment modifications available, so experimenting with all of them should entertain you for a while. As with the The Witcher 3, you can then download and play all of the DLC packs for Fallout 4. If you want to complete everything that this game has to offer, you will be devoting weeks to it.

Dark Souls III


Dark Souls III, yet another action RPG, has a different approach for keeping you occupied. Played from a third-person perspective, you are equipped with a variety of weapons and your skills to cleanse the land of enemies, collecting souls in the process. Yet at you might have heard, this is not an easy game. Enemies are clever and will change their tactics mid-fight. Bosses are even more difficult and can take hours to figure out. This leads to a true sense of accomplishment when you finally prevail. The environment in Dark Souls III is also much large and encourages exploration. You don’t know what you might find around the corner.

These games can probably keep the average gamer busy for several months at least. If you have played these games, how many hours of gameplay have you clocked in? What video games do you play in your spare time? We would love to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

About the Author: Isa is a freelance blogger and writer who is also a video game enthusiast. She hopes that you consider playing these games if you’re looking for something great to spend a month on.