5 Killer Tips to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO- Android and iOS Guide

Pokemon Go is now the most talked subject on the Internet. You can literally see a flood of posts about it on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. With around 50 Million installs in a week since it’s release, this game has definitely got that attention that it deserves. However, there’s a lot of buzz around the internet about the Gameplay and bugs in Pokemon Go. Many users have been complaining that the Pokemon are getting repetitive and it’s nothing but impossible to find Rare Pokemon. We have wrapped up few tips that can increase the probability of Finding rare Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go.


How to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

Though we cannot guarantee you a sure-shot rare Pokemon, we can certainly say that doing this can help you in your way. Here goes the list of tips which help you Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

# Use Ingress App:

You might have noticed that whenever you go near to a Pokemon, the number of footsteps get decreased. Although this is a good option, this really doesn’t seem to be very vague and they do not really reveal you what area you should be looking in. Ingress is a similar game released by Niantic in 2014. This game runs on similar mechanism. If you run Ingress app along while playing Pokemon Go, the task gets simpler. Once you open the UI of Ingress app, you can find white dots around the map. Those white Dots are called XM, they mark areas of frequent cellular usage in an area and serve as the energy you must collect in that game in order to perform any actions.

One of the users found that the denser the XM clusters, more the probability of finding the Pokemon. So, whenever you sense a Rare Pokemon in your dashboard, make sure that you are using this option.

# Use of Incense and Lure Options in-game:

Most of you know what License and Lure options would do and I guess it doesn’t need any introduction. Whenever you visit new places, especially near parks and water bodies, use Incense to increase the chances to capture a real Rare Pokemon. This incense option attracts the Pokemon to your places. Also, whenever you sense a rare Pokemon in the Dashboard box, use the incense option right now.Similarly, try using the Lure Module to a rare PokeStop which guarantees you a Pokemon will appear.

# Use Razz berries Option:

Razz berries is probably the most under-rated item in Pokemon Go. Although if you find a rare Pokemon, catching it in your pokeball is another big task. Razz berries can be a help here. If you feed one to a wild Pokémon just before catching it, you’ll have a greater chance of catching it on your throw.

#Play more and increase your Level:

This tip might seem a little obvious but most of you might have not known that the probability of Finding rare pokemon increase only when your Level increases. Try to run errands while playing the game. Find Pokemon, no matter if they are repeated already. Thus gain your level. While this can be very tedious to do, this is the most sure-fire way of getting more rares to appear.

# Hatch a 10Km Egg:

This wants a little amount of work from you and it is definitely the best way to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Run Marathons and hatch the Eggs and make more space for the 10K eggs. 5K Eggs also seem to have fair amount of Rare Pokemon. Few of the users also try GPS goofing and complete the hatching. This might work as well but it is not recommended.

So, these are the five best tips to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. What do you think ? If you have any tips to talk about, do head up to the comments section.