5 Tips to Increase Gaming Performance of your PC using Nvidia Control Panel

Adrian Smith

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  • Arken Falgurd

    triple buffering useless in gaming, only in OGL games

    • Jamie Lee Wagener

      not some games its needed black flag comes to mind

      • Arken Falgurd

        not for current games, and works only with v-sync on, and introduces imput lag if not balanced by max prerendered frames 1 setting.. On for honor there is double and triple buffering, a choice i frankly don0’t understand, but luckily ther eis also borderless fullscreen. To be honest i found if you are playing in borderless fullscreen, the best way of playing, v-sync is not needed at all, there is no tearing, so consequently triple buffer is not needed. Unfortunately people is still convinced playing the full screen mode gives the better results, but no, is false.