Top 5 Worst Games that Released in 2016 for PC- Worst PC games in 2016

Adrian Smith

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  • korebreach

    Without a doubt, the worst game I came across in 2016 was Roller Coaster Tycoon World. On it’s third developer (Nvizzio), Atari managed to ignore everything we came to love and remember about earlier RCT games. Scenery is, well, ugly. Guests (peeps) are emotionally lifeless and sometimes glide across paths rather than walk on them. Simulation aspects of a park are buggy and bring nothing new to the table. The coaster editor is frustrating, with a control scheme that, if you’re not using keyboard shortcuts, messes-up your carefully placed track.

    Adding to the disaster, Atari needed to outshine the rival product, Planet Coaster (self-published by RCT3 developer Frontier at about the same time). Sadly, Atari didn’t come even close with RCTW. Planet Coaster is everything that RCTW needed to be.