Top 5 Worst Games that Released in 2016 for PC- Worst PC games in 2016

2016 has escalated pretty quickly and we’re already nearing the fall of 2016. This year, we have seen many hits and utter-flops in the Gaming industry.  We, Gamunation have put up the list of 5 worst games of 2016 as our opinion piece in this list. This list includes the 5 games which went on to fail in the market even though they’re released with huge expectations. As we mentioned, this is clearly our Opinion piece and you can share your opinion in the comments section as well. Also, please do like us on Faceboook and help us grow.

Here goes the list of 5 worst games of 2016

Top 5 Worst PC Games of 2016- Gamunation (Opinion Piece )

#1: No Man’s Sky

This is quite obvious. This game was released with huge expectations and hype. However, the game failed to reach the gameplay that everyone was looking for. Also, there were a whole lot of crashes and bugs which made the game even worse. For example, we have put an error fix guide for No Man’s sky. That post went so big that it became the most visited article of our website. You can imagine how big these crashing issues are. However, most of the Gamers have got the refund for the game and few are still trying here and there in the game.

Release Date: 12 August, 2016

Steam reviews: 30%

#2: Call Of duty: Infinite Warfare


After No Man’s sky, the game which went on debates on the internet is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The trailer of COD: Infinite Warfare became the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube. There’s a conspiracy behind it. You can have a look at the article embedded below for more information.

Read: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare becomes the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube.

The originality of the COD is dying ever since after BO 2. It would be better if they have went back time and made a game on World wars again. That would bring the Game series into action back again. Anyway, in our list, this stays as the 2nd worst PC game of 2016

Release Date: November 4th, 2016

Steam reviews: 53%

#3: Homefront: The Revolution

This game was much hyped as well. But the Gameplay Framerates and the actual game graphics didn’t prove upto the mark. Also, in the generation of Uncharted 4, Bloodborne , a game with generic Gameplay, sloppy Graphics and framerates couldn’t survive for long and hence it takes 3rd place in our List of worst PC Games of 2016. Although the developers tried their best with the game, they couldn’t actually make it the best.

Release Date: 20th May, 2016

Steam reviews: 48%

#4: Street Fighter V

The legendary gaming franchise Street Fighter has come up with Street Fighter V during the start of this year. They released the game in Feb, 2016. With only 51% steam reviews, this game also remained as a flop in the markets. The multiplayer option in the game has got the praise it deserved, However, the single player sessions did not reach up to the expectations.

Also, there are a list of crashes bugs and errors in the game which also paved way for the negative reviews on steam and other websites. However, this game doesn’t miss the essence of actual Franchise series.

Steam Reviews: 51%

#5: Quantum Break


Quantum break was another failure in the market. As the developers of Max Payne made this game, there were huge expectations. Also, the trailer cut looked impressive with stunning graphics and gameplay. However, the developers failed in making the trailer a reality in the game. This game has positive reveiws on steam but somehow it didn’t meet our expectations. This is just an opinion piece. Please do share your list of worst PC games of 2016 in the comments section. Thanks.

So, this is our list of worst games of 2016. Thanks for having a look. Have a good day.

  • korebreach

    Without a doubt, the worst game I came across in 2016 was Roller Coaster Tycoon World. On it’s third developer (Nvizzio), Atari managed to ignore everything we came to love and remember about earlier RCT games. Scenery is, well, ugly. Guests (peeps) are emotionally lifeless and sometimes glide across paths rather than walk on them. Simulation aspects of a park are buggy and bring nothing new to the table. The coaster editor is frustrating, with a control scheme that, if you’re not using keyboard shortcuts, messes-up your carefully placed track.

    Adding to the disaster, Atari needed to outshine the rival product, Planet Coaster (self-published by RCT3 developer Frontier at about the same time). Sadly, Atari didn’t come even close with RCTW. Planet Coaster is everything that RCTW needed to be.