6 Best cricket Games for PC-Top cricket Games ever Released

Adrian Smith

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  • Talha

    You didn`t add Cricket Revolution (MindStorm Studios) in this list. It should be in the top 5, I guess.

    • I don’t it’s good enough to get into this list !!

      • amozi

        I cannot comment Don Bradman Cricket 2014, since I’ve not played it. But the best cricket game was brian lara cricket 99. And after that I’d say it is cricket revolution for its challenging and multiplayer gameplays. I was amazed to see this is an game developed by a Pakistani company. All the others suck bigtime and just a waste of money

        • Arham Abdullah

          tell me the best
          multiplayer cricket game

      • zeegershah

        cricket revoloution s best then all of them except dbc