7 Amazing Tips and tricks in Rocket League which can Improve your gameplay

Rocket league is the unsung hero on steam in this month. Without any hype, it released into the market and tasted the success. This game came with a new concept of merging the driving skills with Football. You have to drive a car along with controlling the Ball. However, there will be some objects which can help you in elevating the car and hit the goals.  So, here we have decided to reveal a list of tips and tricks that can help you in winning a match in Rocket league. Note that these tips and tricks are completely legal and have nothing to do with cheating.

Before getting into the list of Tips and Tricks, first of all, make sure that you are having no issues while playing the game. If you have any, you can have a look at the error fix guide embedded below.

How to Fix errors and issues in Rocket League

Tips and Tricks to win in Rocket League:

#1: Do not neglect Team work :

Few people say that Team work in Rocket league is always not a good idea. But no. There are times when your team mate has more chance of scoring a goal than you. Ultimately not stats, the win matters. There’s always a chance for one of your team mate to score a goal. All you need to do is, take some time and pass it to the right (Not direction 😐 ) mate. The list of missed goals due to smacking and clashing of team mates is damn too high, as you know.



#2: Don’t get confused between your team mates and opponents (Strictly for Beginners)

Beginners seem to be have issues in finding their team mates during the game. Generally, there are two teams (Red and blue) in every match. You can easily find out your team member by looking at the top of the car. However, after playing 5-10 matches, you’ll get a clear idea.

rocket league wallpapers

#3: Practice hard:

A famous quote says “Practice makes man perfect”. Yes, it does. Although as a human we aren’t perfect in everything, practice does help you in improving the skills. There’s a special practice mode in the menu of Rocket league where you can improve your shooting and dribbling skills. You should also learn how to cut while driving in the match. For all these, the practice mode can be a great option. Make sure that you complete all the 5 training sessions : Basic, Advanced, Goalie, Striker and Aerial

training mode in rocket league


#4: Reserve the rocket boost:

Rocket boost is that one thing where you have an advantage over the opponents. Especially, to defend the dribbling skills of opponents, using boost is compulsory. Always make sure that you have reserved some boost while defending. When you have no ball possession, drive the car around to earn boost. Also note that there are a total of 6 places where you can find 100% boost. 4 of them are in the corners and the other two are present on either sides of the centre line.


#5: Prefer Controller over Keyboard and Mouse:

I have played the game with both controller and keyboard & mouse. Controller gives you more comfort and takes less time to master. I’m not saying that we cannot play the game with keyboard and mouse, I’m just saying that it’s more time consuming.

#6: Always make sure that your team has atleast one defender. If your team mates are only interested in attacking, then your defense becomes weak and once the ball enters your half, then the opponents will have a chance of an easy goal

#7: Don’t waste your time on free roaming:

We have seen people who turn around and waste time rather than going in reverse direction. It seems obvious, but many people seem to have problem with it.

So, these are the 7 tips and tricks you should know while playing Rocket league. Now, sit back and concentrate on the game. Happy Gaming 🙂