About Us

Gamunation is presently one of the top Gaming FAQ blogs in the world.We are thriving to solve errors of people since first quarter 2014.Upto now,we have succeeded in solving nearly 10000 issues that came up while installing or running games on PC.However,we have many issues that are to be solved in future and the past which we are going to take up soon.Presently,we serve guides for games which are released recently.We have plans of taking up the old games and writing guides for them.We,a team of 3 members have started this blog as a profession in 2014.We three have vast experience in writing for Gaming niche in many famous blogs.So,as this page title suggests,here we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Some Statistics about Gamunation:

Website Rank Worldwide: 220,000

Rank in USA: 140,000

Rank in India : 35000

Rank in Turkey : 95000

Adrian-Founder of Gamunation & SEO Analyst

Adrian is a computer geek.He finished his graduation in 2013 and now became a full-time blogger.He has vast experience in writing for sites like IGN, Gamespot and many other famous sites. After getting success there, he taking help from his friends started this blog. Adrian is also a hard core gamer.He plays MMORPG,Open world, FPS and many genres of games.

Jay Kay-Editor & SEO Analyst

Jay Kay  is a passionate blogger.He started his blogging career way back in 2008.He has strong root of intelligence in Blogging & Search Engine optimization.His vast experience in this field has helped our blog a lot in getting traffic from all over the world.He plays games on his Google Nexus 5 and sometimes writes reviews of them.

That is about us.We want some passionate writers for our blog.So,we are waiting for people(to include their names in this post) who can write about games in our Blog.Know more details here.

Happy Gaming.!!