Are games getting repetitive every year?

Adrian Smith

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  • Jerichow

    I agree with a lot of this, that games are getting boring and repetitive, or have core design mechanics that are blatantly and shamefully obviously geared towards milking every last penny out of a customer as humanly possible. Like in Gears of War 4, with the more expensive versions, season passes, and other add-ons to make the game more expensive not being enough, the game is laden with micro-transactions to nickel-and-dime customers left and right. It’s as if paying $100+ for a video game isn’t good enough anymore.

    The only thing more insulting than this is that the game is equally filled with crippling glitches (like the infamous ‘BIGELOWE’ bug) that prevent you from accessing online servers to play on…. But still the store, and its money-bleeding micro-transaction services are 100% A-OK! With 24/7/365 uptime!

    Clearly, the priorities of video games have long since shifted from being a medium of entertainment, creativity, and inspiration to now being nothing more than a means for companies to siphon ever-increasing amounts of money from customers.