BattleField 1 Trailer becomes Most Liked Game Trailer on YouTube, Infinite warfare becomes the Most Disliked

So, this is what happened when two of the most famous FPS giants released their new instalment trailers on the same day. Activision, which boasts as the most successful first person shooter franchise ever, has released the Trailer of it’s upcoming game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. On the other hand, Electronic Arts has released the trailer of the upcoming game BattleField 1.

Now, most of us expect a healthy competition between these two games. However, the trailer of COD: Infinite warfare has received so much negativity that it has created a new record on YouTube. It has become the most disliked game trailer ever on YouTube. On the other hand, BattleField 1 trailer became the most liked trailer on YouTube. DICE, the developers of BattleField 1 must be appreciated for the wonderful trailer cut they have made.

BattleField 1 Trailer:

Trailer Statistics: (On May 11, 2016)

Views: 24,437,724

Likes: 1.3 Million +

Dislikes: 23k

Call of Duty: Infinite warfare Trailer:

Views: 17,036,896+

Likes: 303K

Dislikes:  1.7 Million +

The number of dislikes for Infinite warfare might reach a new landmark of 2 million this week. So, that is it. What are your views on this ? Let’s discuss in comments section.