Graphics card or Video card is the most essential Hardware component for Gaming Computers.CPU takes secondary role in Gaming.Without a Good graphics card,one cannot expect his PC to run all the High Graphics games without any Lag or Error.Many Gamers have a low end PC with which they struggle enough to run High Graphics games.Anyway,Buying a new Graphics card is the best solution for it.Here,you can find the list of best Graphics cards for gaming for the latest released High Graphics PC games like Watch Dogs.

DDR3 or DDR5 ? What to Choose ?

Well,DDR 5 is considered to be the fastest among these two.It also uses less power supply.But,price of DDR3 is pretty much less than that of DDR5 Graphics cards.Anyway,if prices are considered,both DDR3 and DDR5 may not have much difference.

Best Graphics Cards for Gaming:

Nvidia Geforce GTX 560:

The minimum Budget Graphics card that can run Assassin’s Creed Unity easily if you have a Processor that meets the Minimum requirements of Assassin’s creed Unity which is the upcoming PC game in the series of Assassin’s creed..If your budget is less,then definitely i would suggest this as the best Graphics card for Assassin’s creed Unity.It is expected to give 30 FPS for AC unity.However,the FPS range varies with the Processor specifications of your PC.This is because even Processors play vital role in playing High Graphics games on PC.

ATI Radeon HD 6670::

Radeon faces severe competition from GTX series graphics cards of Nvidia.Anyway,these both have great reputation among PC gamers.This Graphics card(Radeon HD 6670) met the recommended requirements of Latest games like Watch dogs in the benchmark test conducted by Game Debate.So,it is beneficial to buy this graphics card as it can reach FPS upto 30 for Assassin’s Creed Unity(I took Assassin’s creed unity as the example for all these graphics cards)

ATI Radeon HD 6850 :

Well,as a competitor for GTX series,Radeon series has been releasing Graphics cards that are equivalent for GTX series Graphics cards.This graphics card had given an FPS range of 45-60 while recording the Gameplay of Far cry 3.So,it is expected to give an FPS range of 25-40 when you have a Good end Processor like Intel i3.


Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 :

As i would like to show you the list of best graphics cards for far cry 4 that meet the minimum requirements,Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 takes a place here in this list.You can find that this is available for a Budget of only $1000 at graphics card particularly suits for PC’s which have a good end Processor and Good RAM.Anyway,you can play Far cry 4 with limited Graphics if you have a RAM and Processor that meet the Minimum Requirements of Far cry 4 (they are listed above).You can happily purchase this Graphics card if you have High end processor.This processor gave Max-out Gameplay for Far cry 3 along with Intel core i5 3.2 Ghz processor.

Radeon HD 7950

Radeon HD 7950 is one of the best Graphics card released by ATI.They always face huge competition from NVIDIA’s GTX series.Anyway,in the benchmark test of Game Debate,this game has reached the Maximum recommended settings of Assassin’s creed unity and is expected to give an FPS of 70-100.


GTX series is known as the best Graphics card series for playing Games.They develop graphics cards for all range of Budgets and High Graphics Games.This particular Graphics card reached the recommended settings or requirements of Assassin’s Creed unity.So,this graphics card will definitely help you play AC unity in Maxout settings.

Geforce GTX 480:

Perfect match for the Far Cry 4.This graphic card can run Far cry 4 nowhere below 50 FPS if you have a Good end Processor.But,if you have a too Bad processor like AMD Sempron 140,it is better to upgrade your Processor first.It is because,processor also plays key role in Benchmark test of any game which you run on your PC.

Best Graphics Cards for higher Budget:

AMD Radeon HD 7870:

This Graphics card is one of the best selling Graphics card in Amazon Online store.This meets the predicted requirements of Grand theft auto 5 and is expected to give a pretty good FPS (Frames per second)range.It gave ultra (maximum) settings gameplay for Watch dogs on a AMD FX-8350 4.0ghz processor.Anyway,if you have a Good processor,then without any worries,you can prefer this Graphics card.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 760:

Geforce GTX series Graphics cards are best for Gaming.Nvidia takes care in developing these video cards so as to meet the requirements of Latest games.This Graphics card is suitable for Hard core gamers who play games like Battlefield 4,Watch dogs,Grand Theft Auto 5.This is a good video card for GTA 5 because it has passed the benchmark test conducted by Game Debate.Also,it is expected to give pretty good FPS range for GTA 5.It is beneficial to buy this graphics card because very high graphics games like COD advanced warfare,battlefield hardline,Far cry 4 are going to be released for PC soon.

AMD Radeon R9 280X:

AMD Radeon R9 280x is the latest graphics card which became popular world wide recently.This Graphics card is presently “the 4th best graphics card ” in the list of best graphics cards.Although this graphics card is a little bit costly,it worth each penny you spent on it.Also,for games like COD advanced warfare,Far cry 4 which are going to be released soon,this graphics card would be good enough.So,it is beneficial to buy it if you are a hardcore gamer like me.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 780:

Another most recommended Graphics card for playing Grand theft auto 5 on your PC.This is “THE BEST” graphics card in the GTX series Graphics cards of Nvidia.It can easily max out Grand theft Auto 5 provided you have a Good processor like i5.Anyway,the exact FPS range will be known after the release of GTA 5 for PC.For games that release in future,definitely this is the best choice.This is available in Amazon for $500.Although this is a bit costly,it worth each penny which you have spent on it.


No words.This is the best graphics card available at present.PC installed with this graphics card may have no problem with any PC games for the next three years.It is one of those Graphics cards which can run almost all the available PC games in a good FPS range.It is available in Amazon for a price of $520.If you are a serious Hardcore gamer and would like to play all High graphics games,this graphics card is the best choice.