Can Mobile Replace Console And PC Gaming?

In today’s world of mobiles it is hardly possible to imagine a single day without these handy devices. Now it is no longer considered to be just a means of communication, as smartphones combine thousands of functions.

More and more often we can see people killing their free time while standing in queues by playing various games. Thanks to the rapid development of mobile gaming industry, lots of games are transferred to our phones from other platforms, like PC or consoles. For instance, online casinos were taken to the whole new level. All you need now instead of PC is to download Mobile Casino App to play online casino at and enjoy your experience.


For some reason, lots of people still consider gaming to be some kind of monolith. The entire mobile industry is usually ignored by most of the hardcore gamers. Nevertheless, mobile games are not as simple and naïve as they might seem to be at the very beginning. Angry Birds turned out to hit the market with nearly half a billion copies being downloaded around the world. ‘Candy Crush Saga’ makes a bit under a million dollars per day, while ‘Clash of Clans’ has already walked this pale. With over 430 new games are added into the App Store every day, the number of available downloads is doubled in comparison with the next-biggest category, business.

Not only the number of games, but also the audience of mobile gaming is extensive. While women make up just one third of PC and console gaming market, they are almost half of the mobile gamers. For developers it may mean only one thing: the customer base is constantly expanding.


Despite all the numbers, we should admit that even though some genres of the games are perfectly cut out for touch-based control, others would make an unbearable disaster if transferred to phones or tablets. Still, touchscreen gaming is in its full swing and almost 65% of users will download one game each thirty days if they download at least something.

Vincent van Deelen, a market analyst, claims that playing games on consoles or PCs will not disappear for good. The App Store may outscore Steam when it comes to the numbers of apps downloaded, but the average price of each iOS game is less than a dollar. On the whole, the future of gaming is the development of gaming itself, and not the media used for it.