Dying Light- Easter Eggs Locations and Details Guide

Like a lot of games releasing these days, even Dying Light is released with few interesting Easter Eggs. All these Easter eggs can be found at different places of the open world of Dying Light. So, it takes time to find all the locations. However, to make your work easier, we are up with another Guide. After reading this Guide, you can easily find the Easter Egg Locations. If you have found any more Easter eggs in Dying Light, please leave your comments below so that I can update this post.

Plants Vs Zombies Easter Egg :

You can see Zombies fighting against the Plants 😀 .

Location: This can be found at the Map antennaTo get to the location, the best way is to climb to big antenna until you reach to the ziplines.
From there you want to head into the mountains and you will look for a plant on one of the rocks which will teleport you to the location of the zombies fighting the plants.

Video Tutorial for Plants Vs Zombies Easter Egg:


This is a Legendary sword which can be seen in the Slums.

Location: You can find it get stuck in a Dead Body and requires you to pull it out. It may take some time. Once you done that you can pick up the sword and start slashing zombies.Make sure to pick up the blueprint after the zombie burned, this will allow you to create the EXPcalibur.

Video Tutorial:

Super Mario World Easter Egg in Dying Light:

You will be able to play the first level of Super Mario Bros once after finding this Easter Egg. Inside the level you can bump into blocks just like Mario does and collect the loot.


In order to get to the level you must find a small green pipe inside a chimney on one of the roofs at the old town. Interact with the green pipe to get teleported to the level of Super Mario.There will also be a legendary blueprint which will pop out of an invisible block. This blueprint is called ”Pyza Suit” and it will allow you to glide for a couple second in the air. You can find the block right after the pipes, you got to jump a few times to see where it is at. Once you reach the end of the Super Mario level you exit by entering the pipe.

Video Tutorial: 

Destiny Loot Cave Location : 

At the far edge of the map Slums there is a secret entrance to a cave which contains 2 loot chests. Make your way from the way point towards the cave entrance, you will have to swim into the cave. Once you get in the cave zombies will spawn, kill them and open the loot chest on the left. Once that is done you can go even further into the cave by going to the right side where you can find a small opening.

Video Tutorial: 

Left 4 Bread (Yes, that’s correct 😀 ): 

When you reach the slums, you can find “Left 4 Bread” Board over a Shop. This is a reference to Left 4 Dead.


Left 4 bread Easter Egg Dying Light

Korec’s Machete:
Korec machete blueprint is hidden in a blue container on the rooftops on the slums. The blue container is hidden between a smaller building and some boxes. In order to open the container you need to kick it a lot of times before it opens up.
Video Tutorial: 

The Last of Us Easter Egg :

You can encounter a clicker from The Last Of Us. The location of this clicker is at the Old Town inside the mayors building, it will be a floor above you in the elevator. You will have to do the quest called ”The Bunker” to get inside the building. Once you killed the clicker you can loot its body for a legendary modification called ”clicker” .

Video Tutorial: 

Happy Zombie Hunting..!! 🙂



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