Error Fixes for Assassin’s Creed Rogue PC- Low FPS, 0xc000007b , Dll Crash, Stuttering

Adrian Smith

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  • Sam

    When I start the game it remains stuck on black logo nothing at all.However i can hear music playing in the background.On pressing the enter key i can hear it selecting the menus

    • Ali

      me too

      • Näbīl Rúlēs

        Me 2 i don’t know wher is the fucking problem

        • N2K12

          buy the game

    • ac gay

      me too, wtf is wrong?

    • mohamed

      Same :c
      so wtf is wrong ?
      Gamunation Answer us !

    • mohamed

      guys i fixed it ! at least for me
      look the prob was that intel was my default i changed it to nvidia and its working
      so that must be the case for u too i guess :3

    • Rizwan Kazi

      same problem please help

    • T

      downgrade your nvidia driver. try “344.60”. worked for me

  • Prashant

    I too had the same problem but i forced it to run on dx 10 from dxcpl. though i got the display but the performance was very horrible.

  • Marek Zimula


  • Florin

    When i press on the game it says something with the program doesnt know if i have x32 or x64, or same. Can somebody help me?

    • Xavier Subratie

      U need a 64 Bit Pc

  • Evan Rayhan Revendy

    i opened acc.exe and nothing happen help

  • S’ead Albanij

    I have a 0xc000007b Error!
    I followed the instructions and installed the AIO runtimes but still the error isnt fixed!
    Any other way of fixing this error?

    • random helper i guess?

      i fixed mine when i replaced my xinput1_3.dll from dll-files’ xinput1_3.dll

  • Local Player

    well i have a problem it keeps on saying Cant run on this pc please ask the software something i actually i was raging by hearing this HELP PLS!

    • Vishesh Gupta

      because you have 32 bit system

  • Arjun V Mavungal

    Thank you very much.. Worked for me..

  • Sayan Roy

    I have Radeon AMD graphics and Intel HD Graphics 3000……….when I start the game,I could only see a black screen but the sound comes and when I press ENTER or left click the mouse, can hear the sound of selecting the menus,I have a laptop that meets all the system requirements altough I dont know whether my graphics drivers are up to date or not……SO SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    the game stops ..saying windows will look for solution and it has stopped working help

  • Methran

    every time i try to extract this assassins creed rouge repack version 5.44GB ! C:UsersAdminDownloadsAssassin’s Creed Rogue – Black BoxBB-AC-R.part4.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Setup-1.bin. Corrupt file or wrong password.please help

  • N2K12

    for this game you prolly need 64bit pc, and actually buying the game instead of cracking or torrenting solves 99% of issues. also use latest drivers. game works fine.

    • Viz Viki

      i too having the same problem but with a different name, of the rar file. Anyone plz help!

  • Himanshu

    Whenever i try to open AC Rogue (which i downloaded from the internet. It’s a CODEX version) it shows me this error “The procedure entry point _BinkOpenXAudio2@4 could not be located in the dynamic link library binkw32.dll” Please Help!

  • Falul Shafi

    Intel HD Graphics 3000……….when I start the game,I could only see a
    black screen but the sound comes and when I press ENTER or left click
    the mouse, can hear the sound of selecting the menus, i have windows 7 64bit. SO SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!

    • ahmed

      same here 🙁

    • Ħalimou Ðižed

      i have same problem to :/ any solution :/

  • Viktor

    When i start the game it is above 30 fps but it renders slowly i cant see the trees and ships and stuff in the distance,not just int the distance, but few yards away, i have better than engought pc to play this game.

  • Harshat Dhanayat

    its doesdnt start .it says MSVCP110 dll is missing.plzz fast i need a solution

  • Amr

    Please help me ACC.exe has stopped working and i’m not a steam user !