Error Fixes for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate PC- Errors, Crashes Bugs, Tweaks, Fixes

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  • arun nayar

    I need a fix for this issue;

    No menu in game, and none of the things are highlighted, so cant get out of the factory.

  • Hamzah Hussain

    while playing in sequence 7, i get a black screen with the saving icon spinning non stop and the game stays like that forever.. i really need a fix for this one people…

    HELP !!!

    • Harold Teekman

      I have the same problem

      • Hamzah Hussain

        i found the solution, do not fight the guys before running in the cart instead, ride the cart as soon as possible and head toward ur destination. You need to reach ur destination before the dialog finishes.

        That worked for me

  • Andrea

    for the stopped working fix, it says its impossible to apply for programs the can be executed in 64bit

    • Adam Aragon


    • Mohmmad Zia Ali

      same here, how to fix?

  • Az Batool

    i just installed syndicate it plays fine but it ain’t going full screen.
    with alt+enter it just comes at center. please help.

  • Alex

    i got a lot of screen artefacts ingame, suddenly these textures appear, or some big parts turn grey, lines and other stuff pop on…i just upgraded my video card to a gtx 980 ti so i don’t think this is an issue..i also got the lastest drivers….

    • kieron fleming

      hey i have the same issue did you end up finding a solution email me if you did

  • Shivam Gupta

    when i open the game, the screen at which it prompts to “press any key” nothing happens.I click any button but nothing happens. pls help me…..

  • xxxacidxxx

    my game hangs upon loading sequence 3 after evie and jacob agreed to go to london

  • ser

    hey guys my assassin creed syndicate crashes at sequence 4…it says not responding

  • Sarbasis Banerjee

    My problem is that whenever i ride carriages, it freezes for sometime and the buildings load up and then it goes back to normal and goes on and on. Also after completing each sequence i get ACS.exe has stopped working. I use Windows 10 Pro OS and have core i5 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 4GB. Got 8gb of RAM as well. Help me out plz.

    • Have you tried the workaround we mentioned ?
      Open the Start menu and click Control Panel
      Navigate to System Maintenance> System
      Now select Advanced System Settings
      System Properties Window comes up. Select the setting from the top named Performance.
      Select Data Execution Prevention.
      Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
      Use the Browse button to locate the ACS exe file.
      Click Apply

  • Chris

    O_o you cannot set DEP attributes on 64-bit executable files guys…..pretty much every windows and apple application today is indeed…..64-bit.

  • Its Me Hey

    I have the ACS.exe has stopped working error but the thing you told me doesnt work because ACS.exe is 64-bit for me. Please Help

  • jonstryder

    My problem is this: While playing the game went to load a scene – faded to black and just stayed there. I powered off the PC and back on again and started the game up. The initial logo appeared like usual after clicking the icon to start it up, but instead of opening a window for the game (I play the game in windowed mode) it immediately turned my whole screen black. There is no way to get out of it without rebooting the computer.

  • Denis Stan

    I have this black screen problem too on sequence 5 (hijack the train), right before the cutscene cinemagraphic after releasing Ned from Popo’s carriage.

    So I forced closed the game (Alt+F4), then I run the game again (continue), then voila no problem at all. I was afraid going to lose my saved game (game data corrupted because I forced closed it on the loading black screen), cant imagine how many hours have I played to liberate London, fiuhh –“