Error fixes for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PC- Crashes, Bugs, Full screen, Slow motion Gameplay

Adrian Smith

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  • D Rock Shock

    thanks for the fixes!!! I got #2, when i disable the gamepad interface it works with the keyboard but then i can’t use the gamepad.

    • PlayStation4Life!

      most controllers will not compatible with the game. I tried my PS3 and PS4 controller in there as well… but aint working…
      Xbox 360 controller is perfectly fine tho :P.

      • popo

        so i need to disable my keboard in order to get my 360controller working??

        • PlayStation4Life!

          no your xbox 360 controller will be perfectly fine. It will work on xbox controller… only.

  • Muhammad Ali

    i changed it to full screen still not wokring

  • Sekitan

    I have a problem with cutscenes in the story mode. I hear the sound but screen is just black and only caption “Bayman” appears.. I also see small triangle moving, it looks like some kind of glitch.

  • Cool King

    I have problem , when i play honoka this player , my game will stopp working

  • PlayStation4Life!

    HELP! My game crashed when i finished stage 2 on story mode.

  • ucuphoho

    @sekitan i got ypur problem too. but your solution dont work on me.

  • Kara Murat Han

    C:UsersMurat KAYADocumentsKoeiTecmoDOA5LR İn that path i dont find ini file can you upload it?

  • Leo

    Um, having problems with #4, and I can’t seem to find the error.log file. The game stops working after three fights.

  • Kuros

    Every…time. EVERY TIME. Step one: First of all, navigate to Steamapps folder to find “error.log” fi-NO SUCH FILE EXISTS.