Error Fixes for DOOM 2016 PC- Crashes, Low FPS, Black Screen, DLL error

Adrian Smith

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  • blakewhitlow

    what about my problem. my problem is that when i get to the main menu nothing shows up its just blank. the loading screens work but everything else is blank. tried alt enter and updating drivers verify game cache nothing works. HELLPPPP

    • Pewpew

      Disable the intro for the game. *+com_skipIntroVideo 1* in the launch options 🙂 worked for me atleast.

      • blakewhitlow

        Thanks but I already fixed it. I have a program like Hamachi but better ( evolve) I disabled that
        and it worked. Someone on the forums figured it out.

        • Pewpew

          oh so it was evolve fucking up the game haha. same here. but removing the intro worked tho. and evolve still running

        • dzsozi30

          Ohh, man, you’re a lifesaver. I had the same fucking problem. Thanks! 😀

  • Retno Gaming

    So I tried to fire the BFG 9000. *CRASH*

  • Robert Karst

    Don’t use either of the software he told you to download, both are utter bullshit and I am constantly having to remove that crapware from customer’s computers.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    Yeah, what’s really annoying is when I maximise the game after minimising it, it forces keyboard and mouse settings and disables gamepad, Is there a bitter “PC Master Race” employee working for the company?

  • Mike

    I’m not sure on the name of the level but it’s when you’re at the top of the tower and what’s her name activated the device to open the portal to Hell causing a bunch of demons to warp in. After fighting for a bit and the announcer counts down, the screen fades to black, then there’s nothing. How do I fix?

    • Alec Espinosa

      Have same problem, haven’t tried it yet but I heard if you lower some settings during that part, such as resolution, it will work and then you can turn them back up.

  • ziffel

    Uh, the title says a black screen fix, then doesn’t mention a damn thing about that.

  • Buddydudeguy

    Had my first crash with the BFG 9000. the BFG is so good the game goes WTF and crashes I guess? Normally my pc chews this game up. 120+fps 1440p max settings.