Error Fixes for Dying Light PC- Stuttering, Lag, DLL crash, Crash on Launch, FPS drops

Adrian Smith

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  • tired of shit games

    might be a good game if i could actually play it. its just another case of game devs releasing an unfinished unplayable game for alot of people it runs shit cant believe i just forked out $100 for this garbage

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      Definitely not unplayable, I’m curious about what you have in your PC.

    • Simon

      I’m curious about your specs, if you say it’s unplayable. I have absolutely no problem.

    • dummies

      bwahaha, i love reading angry posts from gamers that spent thousands on a rig just for a game to run like shit. My rig isn’t much and I’m running this game on a radeon 7770. I’m getting great fps as long as I turn off all the nvidia settings. Suck it!

  • oliethegoalie0041

    Setting the game priority to high is alright. If you set it to real time the game will take priority to the point that your keyboard/mouse can slow down and not work properly. I’ve had that happen to me before and the only way was to restart my computer by pushing and holding the power button until it turned off.

  • adel

    I always get (0xc00000b) error PLEASE HELP! :'(

    • I suggest you to Install the Latest DirectX. This will solve the error 🙂


    The main reason I have sworn off day one launch purchase and pre-orders all together. Never again.

  • Samuel Waugh

    this article is bullshit, it does nothing and i find it troubling that you link to spyware and adware to update drivers, good thing im not computer illiterate.

    • FYI, Driver Scanner is not an adware or spyware. To avoid further errors that may occur if you install incompatible drivers, I have suggested driver scanner as the best option around.

      • DonkyBoY

        Sorry but uniblue make spyware and adware this is well known and have caused many users problems globally.

        While this is mostly releated to thier other softwares only an idiot would trust a software from a company known to put out malware.

        Dont belive me then google uniblue thier company name and add adware to it

        if you use thier programs your probably one of those that pays me to reinstall your PC for you back at the shop.

        • Nope bruh..!! I have been using them since 1 year and they are fine. Especially, Driver scanner has no issues 🙂

    • urmom666

      Go fuck yourself nerd this article has helped many other but not you so fucking what go play with ur sister and shut up.

  • knowingisgrowing

    “Sound Stuttering/ Noise / Sound Lag issues: Only few people have been facing this error. So, it’s definitely not the developers Fault.” – Stupid article is fucking stupid.

  • Suzuki Shinji

    you can.t fix it -.- i am having Dying light has stopped working
    it says Install DLL-Files fixer and i did install then it wont fix it

    • Can you tell me what error message are you getting exactly? And, after downloading the dll files fixer, yiu need to perform a Pc scan. Then after, you can solve the error.

  • John

    I have ram 8GB, core i5, gtx760 and it keep saying that i have low memory, i tried to set priority to Real-time and high but it still happen. Please help is really anoying

  • 83_Slick

    Crasches after 20 Minutes !? Anywhere with this Problem here ?

  • Ryan

    The game is perfectly fine. I don’t see any issues with my laptop.
    My specs:
    16GB RAM
    Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M SLI enabled
    1920×1080 resolution

    Works fine. Maybe update your driver?
    Everything is max settings.

    • dickpenis

      I’m using Nvidia GeForce 820M And I7 Core , Dying Light crashes a few minutes when I turn it on, My drivers are all updated including the game ready driver from GeForce Experience. what do?

  • Sayno

    After 10 minutes playing I get a message: Dying Light stopped Running.. How can I fix this?

  • noob

    Game crashes after the “press any key to continue” opening. It says Dying Light has stopped working.

    What caught my attention was APPCRASH and rd3d11_x64_rwdi.dll

    Any suggestions?

    • David McKale

      I have the same problem.

  • jake

    I put the priority on high but it still lags to point where I can’t play please tell me how to fix this

  • queefmynostrils

    Running ok (playable) on a core 2 quad @2.4, msi gtx750ti, 4gb ddr2. Major lol at i7’s running shit

  • xczar0

    Just DONT download this bullshit scanner.

  • Nameless_Mann

    Is there any Driver’s updater thats free?

  • Carachias

    i7 3770
    16gb ram
    sapphire r9 290x 8gb

    still not running smoothly… good job developers i can play metro last light with max settings full hd and 16xmsaa but not this piece of dying shit

  • EzioAuditore33

    i’ve got trouble with the controller , i just cannot connecting my joystick usb , even it was used xbox360ce.exe , anyone.. please the solution…

    #sorry for my english

  • Ymer

    I need help i have install it and every time when i start i can get to start where it say: press any button to countiun but when i start a window come up saying: Dying light have stopped work. PLEASE HELP ME (sorry for my bad english

  • Wreekhavic

    I had same problem of crashing to desktop for weeks.
    Finally found a solution that worked for me.

    Went here and downloaded and installed, then played in windowed mode with online type set to LAN with all video settings at lowest or off.

    Been playing now for over 9 hours straight finally

  • Victor Mangraviti

    Want a solution? Buy a console. It will never crash again.

  • Akhil Sankar

    I have pentium g2020 dual core processor ,4GB ram and nvidia Gt610 2gb ddr3 Graphics card ! GTA 5 is running smoothly but after playing missions in the end game strucks and crashes ! But while on free ROM game won’t crash ! I am playing Trever’s intro mission again and again 🙁 what will I do ?

  • fikri

    Can u help me with the background..

  • စိုးမိုးေက်ာ္ ထီဆိုင္ မဟုတ္ပါ

    my problem is dyinglight game run is libscepad_x64.dll is missing your computer error how to fix its bros plez

  • rahil

    “steam is required in order to play dying light” — there was written like this after i download game from disc and launch the game, what me to do friends?

    • Abdullah Hatem

      I have the same problem now, have you found a fix?

  • baggos

    guys i have core i3 3225 8gb ram radeon 5970 2gb can run game?

    • David McKale

      yes easily. My four gig dual core runs it not too bad.