Error Fixes for Far cry 4-Part 2-Mouse Acceleration,System Stuck,Input not supported,No sound,Save game

It’s been a bad season for Ubisoft as their Assassin’s creed unity failed at the Market.However,this game Far cry 4 has tasted the success and is leading the Gaming markets at present.So,Grabbed a new Far Cry 4 copy ? But still struggling to install and run the game ? Don’t worry.Your solution will be solved easily if you follow the instructions listed below.For most of the prominent errors,we have written a detailed solution with instructions.However,before having a look at the instructions,first of all make sure that your PC meets the system requirements of Far cry 4.If yes,then you can proceed by scrolling down and having a look at the solutions for errors in Far cry 4.If not,the first recommended instruction is upgrading your Computer.Because,Far cry 4 needs a High end Video card and processor to run on your PC.So,if you have a low end Video card or processor,you should face lot of issues like Lag,Stuttering,crashes etc and sometimes you may not be even able to install it.I have already discussed few prominent errors and their fixes in the first part.As there are many more bugs that need to be solved,i have decided to write the 2nd part of it.But,before going,i recommend you to install the 2 latest patches released by Ubisoft for PC users.Those patches seems to have solved many bugs and errors.You can also contact Ubisoft and solve your errors.


Msvcr100.dll missing error in Far cry 4 Fix:

This is quite common error.This error pops out when you have accidentally deleted msvcr100.dll file from your PC.This may also pop outĀ if you don’t have msvcr100.dll file in your System 32 folder.This error can be solved by using Dll-Files Fixer.Just download it and search for Dll file errors in your PC.After searching,by one click you can solve all kinds of Dll errors.You can try it for free here

Mouse Stuttering/Lag while playing Far cry 4:

To solve this error,

  • C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\my games\Far Cry 4\*save game folder\GamerProfile.xml
  • Right click/edit to open on GamerProfile.xml (or double click)
  • Change DisableLoadingMipo=0 to DisableLoadingMipo=1.
  • Save it and close the file.
  • Now run the game.It should work fine now.


Game stopped working while Saving Files:

You need to install the latest 1.4 patch released by Ubisoft to fix this error.Few people have boasted that they have solved this error after installing the 1.4 patch.

Black Ghost Shadows bug:

  • Open “Quality settings” in game options.
  • Now,change the shadow settings from Medium to high.You can also change the aspect ratio to solve the issue.

Input not supported error:

First of all,try to update your Video card and display drivers.Nvidia has released new drivers for PC.So,this might solve the issue.If that did not solve the error,try to change the screen resolution to Game resolution.This must work.

How to change language in Far cry 4:

You can do it from in-game settings.

  • Go to settings> General > Game language and set the desired language.

Flickering issue in Far cry 4:

If you are using a joystick,first unplug it.Then,in the settings.

Change AO to HBAO+ and AA to MSAA2 ,

Tripple Buffering ON,

Motion Blur OFF, Godrays OFF, Tree Relief OFF, Fur ON Everything else on HIGH….Also Vsync should be kept OFF.

This seems to have solved the error.

We have also published another guide regarding Bugs for far cry 4.Thanks for reading.