Error Fixes for Far Cry 4-Poor FPS,Crash,Stuttering,Sound,Stuck loading,Lag

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  • Dude

    Completelly useless advice, just click bait…
    Go fuck youself dude!!

  • Pureelites

    The thing is, no game is released without bugs. Even if you havent experienced a bug in a game, others have. People expect games to be bug free, but with all the different Pc setups there are out there, running different vid cards, different drivers, OSs and so many other things, it is completely impossible for ANY dev to get a game bug free. Why do we see more stable releases with consoles? Because for the most part, they are running the same hardware. For example, my Xbox One is near the same as just about everyone elses xbox one, therefor its much easier for the dev to get a game released with far less bugs than pc… Even then you’re always going to have bugs. It pisses me off when people rage about bugs in a pc game.. Use common sense and be patient for a patch.. Or move to consoles since you’re too stupid to be a pc gamer.

    • Fug

      Stop trying to cover for Ubishill’s immense mistakes you tremendous drone.

      • Andrew

        you pin pointed it, UBISOFT DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US ANYMORE, they made that very clear.

    • Cale

      I can’t believe decent people like you still exist. Truth is underrated man. Whining on the other hand is like the catharsis or some other shit, it’s very healthy too complain. We should get use to it. 😀

      • toaster2014

        Im guessing you’re able to play then? I picked up this and Unity. Unity deleted my save after a few hours and this doesn’t for more than a few minutes without a crash. Bugs i understand, especially with games this big, but come on…..

        • Cale

          No i did not get the chance yet. I try though but it’s too buggy in this early state release. We’ll have to wait for more fixes to come up.

    • Far cry fan found..:P

    • Andrew

      never buy a game consoles, they only favor game consoles, time to eliminate this game console warfare.

  • Smile_studios

    when I play Far Cry 4 I’m getting a low fps, I tried to follow the Gif but my Nvidia control panel won’t open at all.
    I hope someone can help.

    • echohaxorelite

      reinstall your GPU driver and update to latest, the control panel should show

  • warbutt the butt butt

    I’m Glad Ubi didn’t mess this one up minus having to unplug every controller on my PC so it didn’t have to crash on start up. Or the crashes every hour and a half or so. Other then that it’s great! ^.^

    Plus it looks so purddie in 1440p on Max Settings..

  • Nicholas Ngai

    I can play multiplayer, but it seems that single player does not work, when I try to start a new game it loads to about 25-75%, then I get the far cry 4 has stopped working message, and I don’t wanna redownload a F**king 31 Gig game since my internet sucks. I have already verified my game integrity 4 times.

  • Moises C. Freire Neto

    The 0xc000007b solution don’t work with me. I don’t understand, I try everything in universe, but still have the damn 0xc000007b. It’s impossible to solve this for my person. Fuck

    • orhan

      download xinput_3.dll and put it to your game folder

    • Tales Dutra
    • anonymous

      install every type of visual c or u can download this and find it in a torrent:
      Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 Redistributable Package Hybrid x86 & x64 (27.07.2015) it fixes the error it has fixed mine.

  • aktham

    i can’t play in the last checkpoint !!! there’s no save !!! never ever :
    help plzzzz

  • bullshit ubisoft

    pff been checking this program with ida pro, and saw some
    strange things in there, been puzzling for several days by now.

    First of all it is using the old 32 bit Far Cry 2 Dynamic
    Link Library, next to that everything points to the fact that this is actually
    a 32 bit program masked in a 64 bit exe.

    Apart from that they failed to optimize the game by using
    QueryPerformanceCounter and where not able to optimize it for multi core cpu’s
    and forced it to use the old single core RDTSC single core operation.

    There for far cry 4 is using only core 3, to mask this scam
    and the ability to use a better timing settings and to be able to use multiple

    They used Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to
    force the game to use that core number 3, no matter what, so no multi core
    gaming, and forced a 32 bit exe program code to a 64 bit exe with this tool.

    Because they wanted to hide their mistakes and ability to run
    it actually on a 64 bit system with actual 64 bit optimized code, and their
    failure to optimize it for multiple cores.

    They have hidden it in the header file, there is a second header
    mask in there, and judging from that it is a 32 bit header file(the original 32 bit exe), hidden in their
    64 bit exe.

    If they wouldn’t have done that they would have slow motions
    and huge glitches in the game, and there for they forced to use a single core,
    only core 3, and masked their bad timing settings and bad optimization with
    these ridicules minimum specifications to avoid being the laughing stock in
    gaming world and not beeing able to do this correctly anno 2014/2015.

  • shady

    far cry 4 stop working when i launch it alert box pop up and then it close.

  • Toan Truong

    so i keep getting same issue please advise!

  • Toan Truong

    anyone help with this?

  • Alex

    Can anyone help with my perticular problem

    so the game loads
    i can move around
    but as soon as i start to head out of the building at the start the game stops
    like i can pause it and get into my skill window and everything its just i cant move and nothing works
    i still have sound and even the environment is moving but nothing else works
    i know it sounds wierd but i really want to play and cant do anything

  • Anon

    I like how you assume only Nvidia card owners have fps issues. Oh and a “stuck loading” fix is nowhere to be found in here.

  • Troll

    Any one have the same problem where this game just hammers your hard drive? I’m having problems where this game reads from the hard drive constantly and it some times maxes how fast my HDD can read D:

  • loki789456123

    what do i do to reduce lag if i have an amd graphics card

  • Omar Qappany

    Help !!

  • Andrew

    the whole game is fucked up, ubisoft needs to give up or I will give them something to give up on. Fuck this illuminati video game industry, eliminate em all!

  • Andrew

    i have an error on farcry 4 that noone tried to fix
    my trees are like….dancing…non stop

  • Kes Tas

    i can’t install the game i got error code and also this happening with many games when i try install pls help me