Error Fixes for Farming Simulator 2015-Stuttering,Crash,Lag,Dll Errors,Blank screen

Farming simulator 2015 is the latest simulation game released in the Series of Farming simulator Games.This game is released on October 30,2014.The main plot of this game is Farming.You can Farm,breed livestock and sell the products thus obtained in the market to earn Money.This money can be spent on buying latest equipment for your Farm.So,if you are a Farm lover,you must definitely play this Game.From FS 14 to FS 15,the Graphics and Gameplay interface have changed a lot.However,there are some bugs for this game too.I have discussed some of those errors and their fixes below.

Farming Simulator-No Sound Error:

If the Video is running without the Audio,the best solution for this is updating your Drivers.Updating drivers is made simple by DriverScanner 2014.In one click,you can update all of your Drivers which are not updated.You can try it for free here.You can also do this manually.Follow the instructions given here to manually update your Sound card drivers.

Black/Blank Screen Bug Fix for Farming Simulator 2015:

Whenever you open FS 15,if you find a Blank screen on the Monitor screen without any error,recommended method is updating your Drivers.If that did not work,you have to make some changes in inputbinding.xml file.Before making any chages,i recommend you to back up the Inputbinding.xml file.After back up,

  • Go to My Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 2015 and find inputbinding.xml file.
  • Then,open it with Notepad.You are now ready to make the changes in the file.
  • In the series of lines.locate
  • <input name=”MENU_ACCEPT” category=”MENU” key1=”KEY_return”
    key2=”” button=”” device=”0″ mouse=”” visible=”true”/>

  • Then change it to
  • <input name=”MENU_ACCEPT” category=”MENU” key1=”KEY_return”
    key2=”” button=”BUTTON_1″ device=”0″ mouse=”” visible=”true”/>

This must solve the Error.If not,in the Inputbinding.xml file,turn of the Full screen mode.Some of the Gamers claimed that this method worked for them.

Saved Game is not Loading Fix:

This happens generally due to the Language settings.If you are using non-English version of Farming Simulator 2015,better get shifted to the English version so as to overcome this error.

Dll Error Fix for Farming Simulator 2015:

These Dll Errors are always an issue for PC games.Whenever i get a new game and install it on my PC,these errors always pop out to irritate me.However,after a long research on the Internet,i have found the solution for all kind of Dll Errors.Now a days, i hardly find any Dll file missing or Not found errors while installing Games on my PC.It all happened because of Dll-Files Fixer.This is the best tool available to solve all kinds of Dll Errors on the internet.With one click after scan,it solves all the Dll errors.You can try it for free here.

Also,you can manually solve the Dll Errors for Farming Simulator 2015.To do this,first go to here

  • Then search for the required Dll File in the search bar (Eg : x3daudio1_3.dll , d3dx9_43.dll etc.)
  • After searching,you will land in the required dll File page.
  • From there,you can directly download the Dll file which you have to paste into System32 folder present in Windows:C

“No connection could be Established” error in Multiplayer Mode:

You need to download a Virtual private network client “Hamachi” on your PC to eradicate this error.

Stuttering Error fix for Farming Simulator 2015:

Stuttering has various reasons.However,i have two main solutions for this issue.The first one is updating your video card and sound card drivers.This solves 90% of stuttering issues.The second one is running the game as Administrator.To do this,simply right click on Farming Simulator 2015 exe file and select “Run as Administrator” option.

Low FPS/Lag while playing  FS15:

Whenever you ask any Computer expert regarding lag issues,he simply recommends you to buy a new Video card.Even i recommend the same.The reason for lag is always your Low end Hardware components.However,if you think that you have a Good Video card that can run Farming simulator easily without lag,you have to follow the instructions that are lsited below to enable your Video card to function on FS 15.

  • Go to Nvidia control panel or other Database depending on your Video card.
  • Then,open manage 3D settings.
  • Now,click on add and navigate to Farming simulator 15 folder present in Program Files.

Farming Simulator 2015 is Failed to Start:

This errors pops out when you have partially or incompletely installed the Game.So,the best method to prevent this error is Re-installing the game.However,if you think that you have installed correctly,you need to change the Desktop resolution in the properties.After changing the Resolution,

  • Go to My Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 2015 and search for game file.
  • After finding it,open it with your Notepad.
  • Then,change the Height and width given in the text to the Resolution of your Desktop.

That’s it.If you have other errors,comment below or visit our Forums.We try to get back to you as soon as possible.Enjoy Gaming..!!

  • Lasse123321

    I have the problem so i need to download “Hamachi” and i just did it. But what now? I still cant play multiplayer, what should i do with “Hamachi”?

    • Peppercookie

      there is no need for hamachi. Hamachi just makes a virtual LAN port for you and your friends on the same hamachi client so you can play LAN. As far as i know, FS15 dont need a LAN connection to play together, so hamachi is pretty much useless.

      • Lasse123321

        Well. Why am i getting the connection problem then?

  • Máthé Gábor

    I have a problem… I started the game on my pc then: I Installed it, the menu is loads i begin a carreer mode then after the game loads up and i click to start button it gives me an FC (ForceClose) I’m running WinXP SP3…What can i do??? PS.: Sorry for my bad english and thx for the answers 😀

  • Marek_HR

    i have a problem with game.xml’ file,so can somebody copy and send me…file is in Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2015/game.xml’…

    • James C

      Im Having the same problem! Any help anyone??

    • Casey Stuart

      having the same problem

  • Paul m

    i have a problem loading the game when i click the start button it will not start the game and comes up as” giants engine 6.0.2 has stopped. Anyone have the same problem? anyone be able to help me? Thanks

    • thomas m

      i have a problem that after about three different times of loading the savegame the screen goes blank and it says that giants engine has stopped working and that i should check online for a solution. is there any solution for this

      • Jaren B.

        Me too

      • Aidan C.

        I am experiencing the exact same problem.

    • justin k

      I am having the same problem, anyone know of a solution?

    • Jesse Mowbray

      I got the same problem aswell

    • xcsad

      i has the same problem

    • billy mosher

      having the same problem.trying to figure out how to fix it..if you have discovered a solution plz help me.

  • jake

    I have a gtx 760 which should be a cake walk for this game but I keep having stuttering issues especially when in the cab view with the lights on. Anyone else have the same problem? I have all the latest driver so that’s not the issue.

    • Dano

      770 GTX same thing, pissing me off, cpu fx 83070 OC to 4.5GHZ

  • Viper

    Watch for mods to block online play 🙁 ..

  • julian

    my game works but no sound

  • Tyler Mattson

    i can play the game just fine until i go into first person view, the game starts and loads fine but after about 30 seconds of playing the game it will freeze, once it does i cant change views, enter the store with “p”, or even exit the game without going to task manager. my computer is compatible with the game cuz i could play it just fine before the update and ever since this update i cant play it without it freezing. i checked my video and sound cards to see if they were up to date and they r. is there anything i could try?

  • Hi

    I Have Played This Farming Simulator 15 Game On PC In Windows Xp SP3 (Service Pack 3)
    My System Information Is :

    CPU Pentium : 4
    Processor : 3.0 GHz
    RAM : 2 GB
    Hard Disk : 40 GB
    Video Card : Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS (512 MB)
    Screen Resolution : 1280 x 1024
    NEC MultiSync EA 190M LCD

    The Requirements Says Windows Xp Does Not Support But I Have Run It.
    I Have Download This Game From This Link :

    When I Installed It And Run It The Black Screen Come And In The Right Upper Corner The White Screen And Sound Play.
    But When I Updated My Graphic Card NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400 GS Drivers The Game Runs.

    Awesome Game Dudes…..

    • Ivan

      I have SP3 and 1GB RAM, but I can play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Without any problems, but when I want to run FS nothing happens, any advice ?

    • Mat

      How do you fix this problem with the little white screen in the top right hand corner

  • Hassan

    i have a problem with texts. i cant read them.

    • Adria

      I have this problem

      • Anonymouse

        You like other people don’t help others by saying you have the same problem. It doesn’t do any good if you tell other that you too have the problem. If you don’t know the solution or something that will help, don’t post anything.

        • Neal Swarbrick

          Well, THAT’S a stupid comment. Surely the more people who “confirm” a problem, the more likely it is to be a serious one and is, therefore, more likely to be moved up the list of things that need fixing.

          It ain’t rocket science . . .

  • Lithuanian_boy

    Hello. When i Installed game, was everything right. But before few hours i updated my computer and cant play now. I dont know whats the problem, help me. When im pressing on FS15 icon, my pc is doing nothing like i havent did anything.

  • Heath

    I have a problem when I click on the tab it say error can’t load XML config file ‘c;/users/Betty t/documents/my games/farmingsimulator 2015/game.xml’

    • Casey Stuart

      same here

  • Heath

    It want let me in the game it has an error

  • Carter

    When i click the fs15 icon its says “error cant load xml config file c” any one have any tips to fixing this thx

  • Carter

    Every time i go to career then start my game it will pop up and every thing will be green skat should i do

  • ryan

    I’m have ing problems with the graphics. During play the play screen is all green but the map and notifications etc. That come up are perfectly clear. Any suggestions

  • ren

    for all ho have problem with fs 2015 start ,of cause dll files ,go to commonredist folder and install directx ,problem fix ,for me work

  • diego

    como eu resolvo este erro?

  • Pat Robson

    I loaded new frm sim. 2015 several times keep getting blurry, and black squares like frag squares have checked everything any ideas…

  • ash

    i have a problem… the mouse doesn’t appear on the screen

    • ash

      like the word ”look” is just not there

  • James C

    I have a weird problem. I played this game for a long time yesterday, and when i woke up this morning and tried to get on it again, it tells me that: “Error: Can’t load xml file config file ‘C:/Users/James/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/game.xml'” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it still wont work. So im lost, help please?!

  • Patrick

    when ever i try to start farming simulator 2015 it says error: Could not init 3D system shader model 3.0 is required pleas install the latest video drivers download latest GPU driver now?

  • courtney

    So I’m getting annoyed! I can play the single player just fine but when I want to play multiplayer it tells me I need to update.. So I spent an hour doing the update last night (1.2) and it still comes up as I need to update!! How do I fix this!

  • jack gleeson

    when i open autorun a error message comes up anyone have the same problem

  • Maverick

    I have a problem with my lights. At night when I turn my lights on all crops and grass light up and it’s really a young and I don’t know how to get them to stop doing that. It wasn’t always like that and it started recently and I have tryed resetting the game 2 times.

  • Mick B

    I have a crashing issue running a downloaded version of fs 2015 on macbook pro retina approx. 2012. Game has been running fine for approximately 12 hours of gameplay. Every time i run my harvester or tractor over a field for approximately 30 seconds after save in crashes and returns me to my computer main screen. Any common issues with macs/heat issues or is it the game? cheers

  • Matt

    my game seems to run fine but when I load my save there doesn’t seem to b any textures. sky looks fine but the trees and ground look grey or blue with no textures.

  • Tinker

    I am having an issue with Farming Simulator 2015 it freezes and then all my money is just depleting rapidly and I’m forced to restart the game,Is there any way to fix this problem?

  • Atyab Khan

    I have solved this error but another error just pops out

  • Atyab Khan

    How to remove shader model 3.0 error

  • Atyab Khan

    Getting another issue the game starts but only the sound is audible where as there are no graphics

  • Hassan

    my problem different my game game running but in certain points i hear sound interference in the game especially when i edit the money amount and i buy New Holland CR10.90
    New Holland Superflex Draper 45FT

  • mitchell g

    I have it for ps3 when i purchase a new thing it freezes at being purchased screen help!

  • Pac


  • Pac

    i need hel with menú texts, i can’t read them

  • Pac

    is the problem i have, thanks for help

  • Pac

    no text in the menu

  • Sr Vita

    i have a problem, when i start the game, don’t appears nothing in menu, only bars, what do i have to do?

  • winfrid beute

    I have the problem that i cannot see the driver , everything is working fine, but the driverseat is always empty.

  • Kevin Randle

    We keep receiving “SETUP-1.bin” error when trying to install the game. I have contacted the actual support group with little to no help. Has anyone else seen this or knows the fix?

    THANK YOU in advance!!

  • Kevin Randle

    SETUP-1.bin error when installing game

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I have received little to no help from dev.

    THANKS in advance!!

  • Marcus_VI

    I also have a problem with this game. Everything works just fine till the night comes and I turn the lights on. When I do that, the game crushes. I thought that the problem was coused by the LIGHTS ADDON mod, but it is not the case. With or without it the game crushes when i turn the lights on for the vehicles.

  • Dennis Börjesson

    Mu mousemapping doesn’t match my image. When I’m in the menus it’s as if the mouse is working in a window but the game is fullscreen so I have to guess where to click. It’s not a huge problem but it is annoying! Any solutions to that?

    • Steven Brown

      Same problem here. Did you manage to fix it in the end? Are you by any chance using a gamepad controller too?

      • Dennis Börjesson

        A a matter of fact I did. I had to edit the game.xml file found in the same catalog as the savegames.

        These two rows have to match your resolution:


        Gamepads, joysticks etc is a nuisance in my opinion. I prefer keyboard and mouse! 😛

  • HsNy

    I have the text problem, can anyone help please?

  • MK

    i have a problem when i’ve been playing for a bit then it starts lagging and i have to save the game and go of it and go back on it any help ?

  • Russell Bannister

    I’m having a problem with once the game is loaded and i click on start, it goes into the game, and stops working; computer freezes. All cards and drivers are up to date, and i have the latest patch for FS15. Is there something i’m missing, and is anyone else experiencing, or has experienced, this issue, and has anyone come up with a fix?

  • Rikki Russell

    My problem is when i start the game and go to the shop by pressing p and then try and sell or buy something the game flickers for about 2 seconds does anyone now how to fix this?

  • joaocarlos

    my problem is that wen i joing the game my tractors etc iss all green with no texture

  • Franc

    So i have a problem that i maybe can explane so the fs 2015 icon that should be .exe or application turned into XML document so when ever I try to launch fs it opens google explorer can any one help ?

  • Austin Mannon

    Sometimes when i click, the game tabs out and goes to my desktop. it happens when i am recording and when i have no background programs running, can anyone help me

  • AA

    I have Intel Core i5 3.2ghz nvidia 840m 2gb 8gb ram 1TB and I Have lags on medium settings

  • isaac

    when I click on the icon to load the game a box pops up saying error: can’t load xml config file ‘C:/users/Isaac/documents/mygames/Farmsimulator2015/game.xml’ how can I fix this problem so I can get back to playing this game?