Error Fixes for FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster PC- FPS issues, Crashes Fix

Adrian Smith

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  • Rob Kemp

    My game is crashing after defeating sinspawn gui the first time it treis to load the sin arriving cutscene but after lucile charges the beach the game freezes whitescrenes and then i get apphangb1 errormessage for ffx.exe any help?

    • Fabien Garcia

      Same here, did you find a way?

      • tomfoolery

        I just did today. When you’re done beating gui sinspawn, wait until the normal cutscene ends, and the FMV begins. Hit esc on your keyboard, and as the cutscene plays keep hitting escape every so often and let it stay in the esc menu for 30 seconds. I increased the amount of pauses even more when the chocobo part of the scene began. Sure enough letting the game sit in the escape menu numerous times throughout the cutscene got me to the next part of the game. Hope it works for you too.

        • Fabien Garcia

          I just repair and reinstall vcredist and directx and it work great 🙂

        • Daniel Barbosa Medina

          I love u buddy <3 hahaha it really works, thank u so much

    • Lamb Kawaii♥

      Same here, but my game crash when i defeat Panzer, before Macalania Temple.

  • tomfoolery

    Did either of you find a fix? I fought sinspawn gui like 5 times last night.

  • Sydeline

    I played Final Fantasy X perfectly after i changed the graphics to my Nvidia. Now that i was going to start Final Fantasy X-2, it has a huge fps drop, always low, impossible to play. I don’t know what the problem could be now. And its not because of my specs for sure, i guarantee you

  • Malou Østergaard

    I’m litterally stuck.
    I found an Ahlbed compilation sphere at the submerged ruins, and no matter what I press I can’t get away from the save/load screen, where it asks me to load games. When I load it, it tells me that i don’t have a dictionary, and then I’m just stuck by that screen.
    what do I do?

    • Fran

      Just tap backspace

  • John Babiuk

    I have the package. I open the main menu. I can click on settings and additional credits, those menus work. But when I click on any of the games themselves they don’t open. Very sad, I was spool excited to revisit these masterpieces

    • Nick Kramer

      hey I am having the same issue did you find a way to fix it

      • John Babiuk

        No. Unfortunately. Nobody I’ve reached it to has had a solution.