Error Fixes for Forza Horizon 3 PC- Crash on Startup, FPS drops, Stuttering Fix

Adrian Smith

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  • stefam

    my forza horizen 3 stop working when i just get into the game and cant change any vidio setings cuz then my computer frezzes and i need to restart the computer. i can run it on ultra but, must run at medium or the game frezzes..

    • Jordan Larson

      dude i got the same problem

    • Gabriel Tomas

      same!!!!!! I just dont know what to do! so many people have the same issue dude!!! maybe we have to wait until they fix that shit with an update or something!!!! cheers!!


    My game stop working when I press continue in the menu

    • Joni

      I have same problem. Anyone know solution of that?

    • Dutch Gamer

      same, did found a ways to fix it? cuz is a month ago when you posted this.

  • Alexandre Champagne

    I have direct x 12 but the game tell me that I don’t have it

  • Derick Yan

    I also have directx12 but the game will not start giving me the 501 error. Currently running SLI GTX470.

    • Your issue is the gpus.

    • cweaver3232

      Dang well the 470’s are too old and don’t support directx12, and to be honest as on lately Nvidia gpus haven’t aged well especially compared to their amd counter rivals. Seems prior 10 series dx12 been faster on amd cards. Too bad amd drivers sux and their cards use a lot of power

  • funnyflix2

    I just updated all my drivers, restarted my PC, disabled AVAST and my game will not make it past displaying “Playground Games”. It just crashes without an error code.

    i7 6700k
    GTX 970
    32gb RAM

    Any suggestions?

  • Tyler Henry

    When I click play a Forza horizon 3 screen pops up with a Lamborghini and raptor for a few seconds and then just closes no error messages or anything. Directx is up to date all drivers are up to date and in my geforce app it even says it’s been optimized for Forza horizon 3. I’ve been searching the internet every day since I got the ultimate edition Saturday for early access but nothing will let me open the game I spent $100 on. If anybody has any advice please let me know.

    • pringle dingus

      ME TOO.

  • Nelson76

    If you have 16GB+ of RAM, turn off the page file. I’m not going to instruct you through it, look it up. Also, anything you want high performance, make sure not much else is running. If you have 32GB of RAM (like me), run whatever you want. Also, make sure in Nvidia settings that it is running 1 pre-rendered frame ahead and on prefer maximum performance. I’d help more but I’m drunk. So take my advice with a grain of salt. WOO for after work drunkness to forget the shit of the day!!

    P.S. ensure your power options in control panel are set to maximum performance and not balanced. That’s a given.

  • PFrizz

    My game works fine up until the point where it says it’s “Optimizing for your PC” and every time it gets to around 76% it freezes for like a minute then the program just ends. Anyone know what to do?

    • SL1DE

      Mine crashes at 74%. I see your post is 3 days old, have you found a solution yet?

      • PFrizz

        No I haven’t found one yet

        • Martin Kempster

          The crashing at optimization is a driver issue: for AMD I had to install the 16.9.2 drivers which are specifically released for forza 3. You have to get these off the website as because they are beta drivers you wont auto update to them

          • SL1DE

            Yeah I had to do the same thing. It’s weird, I thought 16.7.3 was the latest because I only downloaded it two days ago, it’s what they have when you go searching for drivers on the AMD site – So I thought that they were the latest, then I searched for “RX 480 Forza Horizon 3” on Google and I seen that they have a special page for this version.

            Now the game works fine, just crashes sometimes during the game. Like just after I picked my first car, I went to the (?) race and it crashed on me.

  • qos

    the game say my gpu doesn’t support dx12, but i have 2 gpu and 1 of dem support dx12. what to do?

  • Ada0301

    After I click continue a Xbox controller comes up and then the game crashes. Anyone have a solution?

    • Dutch Gamer

      I have the same the loading screen show a xbox controler the music cuts an the game crashes so fucking anoying when you pay 100dollars for it. its a shame

  • Friso Fokker

    I was playing as I always do, all of the sudden… crash… tried to restart the game but it keeps crashing just before the Turn 10 Studios logo… Anyone have a solution?

    • Mohamad AB

      if you have high speed internet try to create a local account and sign in with your account on it then download FH3 again and try it , if it’s worked then you need to reset your pc or it is better if you do a clean install for the windows I had the same issue with Gear Of War 4 a clean install fixed it.

  • David Pearce

    driver scanner is malware! DO NOT INSTALL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sazzad

    Already I have dx12,but it keeps says graphics card doesn’t support dx12

  • Jeff Star-Stuff Wilson

    Toshiba Qosmio x875. dxdiag states I have directX12 but FH3 still won’t run

  • jovan phillips

    I have the error code fh50. I do have directX 12 but I don’t have 12gb of ram I only have 4 I am also playing the demo version of fh3 also

    • Jovan phillips

      FOR sry

    • Jovan phillips


  • Abdullah Saif

    my pc isn’t the best, and I cant upgrade it for now… it seems to be going well but when it says that is it optimizing my PC is crashes without any error message at 70%, along with that it tells me to upgrade my graphics card… which I can’t, anyway how I can stop this crashing without having to use money