Error Fixes for Grand Theft Auto 5/GTA 5 PC- Stopped Working, Crashes, Bugs, Errors, DLL error

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  • Broski

    Im starting the Game (Online oder Story Mode) it´s loading some seconds and then it crashes and sais “GTA5.exe has stopped working”. Can you help me ?

    • Tombo

      How is iT now ?

    • Chris

      Same issue with me 🙁

    • jesse

      Yup. Mine was working fine yesterday, today in the middle of loading either story mode or online it crashes in the middle of loading. I don’t understand this piece of crap.

  • Potato

    #6: Launcher crashes in GTA 5

    ummm,i have amd,can u help me ?

  • eremaza

    11. Game crashes after 50 seconds of gameplay EVERY TIME

  • Joshua Shaffer

    My windows 8.1 Does not have the “Media Features” Folder in the #3 issue…

  • Lovely Game

    Launcher crashing, not a single “fix” works for me.

    • SamJamesV99

      Yeah same, tried everything. Disabling graphics card, switching off anti-virus, manually starting GTA from launcher file, but nothing works. Starting to think a wasted £40 and a waste of my 18 month wait for the game on PC. 🙁

    • wadasalisu

      1. download this

      2. Apply the crack, the update and install social club
      3. copy the files on the steam folder and paste them on GTA V installation folder and overwrite
      4. Run the game from GTAVLauncher
      5. Good Luck

      • Kaizen Gamer

        i have it and after i scanned my pc the game stopped working what to plzzz help

  • trixthetrixter

    had to turn off WindowBlinds to get my GTA V to work

  • GreatTimesAreComing

    When I’m playing I have an error with restarting graphics, as if I didn’t have enough memory. However I have 8GB of RAM and the error appears with the graphics of normal quality to Ultra. Someone with the same problem?

  • Stoneay

    Hey, would you mind telling me your path to the error.log file? I can’t seem to find it

    • Jack

      Same dont know where to find it

      • Mookie Blaylock

        Launcher.log is in documentsrocketed gamesgta v

        • Mookie Blaylock

          Fucking autocorrect. Documentsrockstar gamesgta v

  • Ryan Scott Braun

    So I got everything working, up until when Michel jumps off the boat during there merryweather heist. It freezes… Kinda. The camera locks but I can still see the fire effects moving and I can access the pause menu. Any idea what’s wrong?

  • xeno

    Only problem is having is the multiplayer crashing. It can be instant or if I’m lucky get to play it for 30 mins before it crashe. single player works a treat and never crashes.

    • Solaire Astora

      I haven’t been able to get past my character transfer before the game stops responding, you aren’t alone my friend.

  • SOD

    #11 Game Crash after 1 min with ASUS ROG G751 and GTX 980m. I cant find the point to change from integrated to dedicated in Bios. Does anyone has a tipp?

    • ThePathOfblood

      you cant noob you own a shitty laptop, this is for computer desktop users only! shouldn’t of brought a crappy laptop should of got a 600$ or so desktop and put a graphics card in it hey even 400-500$ pc

      • BlackFireGaming

        Hey man im playing on a older Asus ROG laptop and i run it fine try thinking before you speak

        • ThePathOfblood

          oh then why you hear complaining and looking for a solution? HUH HUUH HUUUUH!

    • skal

      Im have ASUS ROG G751 970m game works fine 1-2 times crash 2-3h playing DXD error

  • hsm

    For people which have random crash after 5/10 minutes of game :
    I reinstall old AMD drivers (HD7870) instead of the last beta “special” GTA V and now it works perfectly !

    • Zigmas Kazkoks

      by old drivers which ones do you mean? And i played 5 hours of main story now random freezing after starting playing for 3 -5 min.

      • conal

        15.4 beta drivers

        • hsm

          Tant it is thé last ! Try to but use beta driver

          • hsm

            Sorry to not* use

    • sf

      What version of drivers exactly do you have now? I have the latest Beta and the game crashes :/

    • ere

      answer please

    • hsm

      The last before the last (i’m french sorry my UK !):
      Omega (14.12)

      • kkkjkj

        didnt work

    • Rush Limbaugh

      Dido, new Beta drivers are shit, I reverted back

  • ThePathOfblood

    Don’t download that driver crap or dll thingy there all fakes you’ve got no problems with your system, all dll files can be found on windows disk or windows website or who ever os you are with these programs lie and make you pay, they are adware and viruses!

  • ThePathOfblood

    this site is fake and steals information and stuff from other sites and uploads to there own and changes abit of the information

  • huss

    my game is stuck loading story mode for over an hour plz HELP

    • Shababhussain Mahesar

      you have to increase ram

      • Mookie Blaylock

        I have 16gb ram and I am facing the exact same issue. I have discovered in the launcher.log file that it is a direct3d device lost error. But I have a gtx 960 with the latest driver installed and im running Windows 10 which by default has the latest direct x installed.
        This is so annoying

    • ፐጆሇዑᎆፎ ጠገᎄካ ፁሇሃ

      using like gta 4. search google with type ” error loading screen gta 4″ and do it like the video :))

  • Myzter

    lots of ppl can’t play because that crash… the launcher is a bullshit… tested every single solution and none fix the piece of crap Social Club and the game… buyed in january and now… history.

  • yves

    got a dam error that no one looks to have dammit i get the error that my windows is not compatible………… 7 64 bit nothing flashy

  • I had stuttering issues and youre sollution with nvidia inspector worked perfect now it runs smoothly on 60-70 fps on high settings but motion blur off

  • Faawks

    I found a new solution!!!
    Turns out I had 3 corrupt audio files, there’s a little program a user made up that checks EVERY file, not just the main files. Look up GTA V CRC checker.

    Hopefully this link works out:

    The forum post where they fixed it:

  • Jesse

    this is stupid. What if were not playing it on god damn steam. I have an event viewer which doesn’t show me a .dll…

  • Lewan Gillard

    Yeah, I agree with you two as well. I have had the same problem and I’ve tried all the solutions but they have just not worked for me. I’ve resorted to go see a computer technician who lives close to me. If he can possibly fix this problem for me I will post it on here so that you guys can do it and enjoy the £40 you spent. Thanks.

  • Cedup

    Wow, seemed like buying this game was russian roulette. I was lucky, it’s okay so far. Although, online lags like crap.

  • Ahmed Al-Fatih Ali

    Guys I don’t have a problem with signing to the social club , but after launcher page pop out n give (Safe Mode or Retry ) I tried everything holla back plz

    • Brad

      did you find a fix?

  • Bokylone

    HELP !!!

    • Dx009

      registry error maybe try run with administrator

    • Trey Rhodes

      Maybe you could try getting a legit copy of the game? Just a thought…

    • Ryan Mir

      just get the legit copy of the game on steam, it works better but there are problems on the original copy.

    • RandomUser

      open regedit in windows,and open regedit in your friend’s laptop on which the game is working fine,now create a new key under Hkeylocalmachine>software>GTA V
      exactly as in the one in your friend’s install Social Club again..restart
      hope this helps

  • Jan Jonny Rauschuetz

    You can also try this 2nd workaround.
    Go to run and type “msconfig”
    Open Boot and select advanced options.
    Check number of processors and select it to 12.
    Now,get back to the game.

    How to i do this??

    • Ed Shenk

      Is this a real question?!? You copied the very instructions that tells you how to “do this”. WOW.

  • ZunZero97

    Grand theft auto 5 doesnt respond in switchable graphics
    and i put high perfomance says grand theft auto 5 have inexpected close
    any fix please!!!

  • Agung Sudono

    the game runs well in every 30 minutes playing, but then gets worse with several issues such as Lagging, Stuttering, Freezing Screen which cause FPS drop and after 1 hour the game stops working.
    HELP me 🙁

    • mprime

      i think you have an overheating issue, might want to look into a cooling system or new one if you already have one

      • Mookie Blaylock

        Mines crashing and I have a tower cooler which never let’s cpu rise above 58 degrees Celsius and a gtx960 which never rises about 62 degrees Celsius.

    • Trey Rhodes

      The lagging could probably be a gpu driver issue. Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to the latest beta version. As for the crashing, yeah, I think it might be a cooling issue.

  • Dx009

    game always crashes after garbage truck destroyed and switching a character plz help 🙂

    • Rohan Debnath

      exactly my gta 5 also crashes at that place.. :’-(

      • imran khan

        exactly my game also crashes at that same place

  • Zack Hopkins


  • Omkar

    When trying to run launcher, it says not responding

  • vishal panwar

    GRAND THEFT AUTO v has stop working

    • Amraa

      are you fixed that problem???

  • imran khan

    game always crashes after garbage truck destroyed and switching a character plz help 🙂

    • hassan akil


    • Amol Shirale

      Exactly Same Prob Here Dude Any Solution Pls Help……!!!

  • Jerry Kulleh

    After GTA 5 has stopped working and crash during gameplay (not yet fix) and now i’m having problem with my keyboard not working in game..i’ve try to forwad (w) nothing happen, even “esc” button doesn’t work. but my mouse are working. please help me fix this. after another and another problem, this is really stressed me out. i really wanted to play GTA V without any problem. here’s some of my pc information :-

    windows 7
    geforce gtx 560m
    8gb ram
    directx 11

    i have try all fix that you’ll gave, but still doesn’t work for me..keyboard issue is really annoying me!

  • uttamjeet

    When i Play GTA 5 it runs smoothly but little later it freezes and the buildings and road becomes white… any solution for this ?

  • haseen khubaib

    my game gta 5 not responding on dx 11

  • Khizar Ahmed

    Nice work…….I also found a GTA V crash fix friends, you will be shocked what was causing on this blog and see it yourself for a free tip 😉

  • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

    hi Friends, Please Help me.
    My Error while i am playing: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
    this Error appear when i try start driving.
    my system: Asus G56-jk
    Ram: 12GB
    Graphic: GeForce GTX 850- 4GB real
    Windows 8.1
    please help me 🙁
    i am so sad.

    • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

      This is picture of my Error, please Help me.

    • Mohammad Arsalan

      bro i have a same problem …….. please give me a sloution if u find…

      • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

        hi bro, sure …
        please give me your specification of your System (hardware and OS).
        Where are u from? Iran?
        I am from Iran and live in Isfahan.

      • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

        hi bro, sure …!
        please tell me specification of your System.(hardware and OS)(PC or Laptop)
        i am from Iran and live in Isfahan.
        where are you from?

      • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

        oooohhh bro, Finally i found solution.
        you must install finally carck but about update —>> you must use first update and don’t use other and next updates.

      • OmiD All-e-ebrahim

        oooohhh bro, Finally i found solution.
        you must install finally Crack but about Update —>> you must use first update and don’t use other and next updates.

  • Mohammad Arsalan

    a problem caused the program to stop working correctly .windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available …this error occur when i start the game please give me a solution for this.

  • 11


  • 11

    installing GTA V Error Windows 10 Error Code -14 how to fix this Quick please

  • Omar Younis

    please help me i play the game and when i play the tennis trainer mission and try to destroy the home the winch which i drive it is rise up ? is this problem with my game or what help please

  • Akshay

    Checked lot of this patch and it will help you with most of the crashes…

  • vishnu

    my game is not running. because its says failed to intialize Font! Check the engine/Game folder if defult font is missing

  • amit yadav

    i download the game but gmae does not install plese help me

  • Harman Deep Singh

    I start a game and then start the mission game crash plssss help me anyone…

    how to fix stopped working problem…..
    helpppp meeeeeee……….

  • Dsm

    How to fix this

  • Nitish Maurya

    go to documents after that rockstargames and their click gta 5 there you will find setting right click and select edit then find change the value to 1 thats it

    • Mookie Blaylock

      This sounds like a promising fix, I’m going to try and reply again afterwards

  • Siva Srinivas

    it is freezing at 21.5%

  • Manav Kuntal

    just download the update 5 and crack v4

  • wadasalisu

    For those having crashing issue, here is my working solution. I use window 8.1 on ASUS G751JM. The game crash after some minutes.

    1. download this

    2. Apply the crack, the update and install social club
    3. copy the files on the steam folder and paste them on GTA V installation folder and overwrite
    4. Run the game from GTAVLauncher
    5. Good Luck

  • Peiman

    windows 10 stop working during the running game. how to fix it ?

  • Der Marcl

    I have tried to do #4, but even after the crash in my steamapps folder isn’t any error.log-file. It crashes with the errorcode: 107. The Rockstar support says, that the reason of this error is a .dll-file, but they didn’t sayed which exactly.
    Can you help me please?

    PS: sorry for my bad english 😀

  • FlamingTortoise

    I have a bug where the game just works for like a second or two and then freezes like 5 seconds and it just keeps doing that and i have no clue how to fix it :C

  • mohamed rishan

    how can i solve this??

  • mohamed rishan


    • Llama Gaming HD

      Cracked version of GTA V. This is illegal

  • Divyash Lapalikar

    Please someone help me…!! I have installed GTA 5 correctly and it starts but after starting it shows Social club error 16.
    I have tried all the stuff but I am unable to start it…. Please someone help me.. 🙁🙁

  • Rohit khatri

    Yes I have the same problem when i start gta 5 game it works but when I do m8issions it says ” gta 5 has stopped working”

    Please help me …how to solve this error

  • NumaprinzViBritania

    guys this worked for me while nothing else did
    Go to run and type “msconfig”
    Open Boot and select advanced options.
    Check number of processors and select it to 12.
    Now,get back to the game.

  • Ryan Schwingendorf

    Had to uninstall the game cause it wouldn’t load the game after trying to download the update, plus, I couldn’t even get on offline mode. So, for my solution, I am re-installing the game. Hope this works…

  • Sazid

    when i open the launcher.exe,the gmae says”gta 5 has stopped working”.what should i do

  • Mritunjai Namdeo

    When I Opens Gta 5 It Shows :- Failed to initialize Font! Check The engine/Game Folder If Default font is missing i press OK
    then a new windows starts and it shows :- Failed to initialize the GameStartup Inface!

  • Anuj

    I had bye this game officially but when i launched it it show “gta 5 has stopped working”. What should i do for it. I had 4gb ram, i5 core, 2gb amda radeon graphic. plz help me….

  • daniel foster

    To those how are having trouble with this game I know how to fix this issue what you have to do is update the rock star social club to the 2017 version and then reinstall GTA 5 it is the only way to fix it I know this is very annoying but its worth it at the end of the day I hope this helps guys