Error Fixes for Mortal Kombat X PC- Crashes, Bugs, Single Player crashes, Game freezing, cursor problems

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  • Rainduz

    I have a problem with #1. I have updated my driver into the latest version (I am using NVIDIA and the latest version is 350.12), but, nothing happened.

  • Smethin

    Updating the drivers with driver scanner thingy worked..!! But, there’s another error that’s annoying me 😮 . The game stopped crashing . But it’s laggin’ like HELL..!!

    • This might be an issue with your Video card. Get a good Video card and that can solve 90% of the issues.

      • dustin darwin

        I have SLI 970’s and still get lagging and fps spikes and weird stuff happening. my 3dmark score is top 96% of systems out there so this should run like butter. But its not. even have latest drivers or gta v and that runs like butter in 4k so I don’t know whats up with MK X

        • Janosio

          Hi, idk if this will help you, but i’ve forced the vsync and triple buffering for this game through the nvidia control panel, that fixed the fps spikes and lag for me 🙂
          Hope it helped, and sorry if my english is bad ^^”

    • Dan

      same problem here :/

  • SSCrush

    The writer here is BS’ing you all. Taking advantage of your hardship. These techniques may help some problems if they are issues with drivers. The problem is, there is no issues with drivers when the whole world can’t play Mortal Kombat X because….. Steam hasn’t delivered the full product to make it playable. Sit and wait until the rest of the “streamable content” is downloaded. It’s BS too. But watch out for charlatans like the writer here who is just looking for hits on their blog and suckering you in with a good title.

    • cb3

      Your absolutely correct, this is writer is a opportunist. Although the advice is good steam new downloading protocol is the source of the problem. My pc is up to date and I’m crashing non-stop in that game all my other games work just fine.

  • John

    gotta love how unhelpful #7 is…

  • George Rios

    Hi. My drivers are up to date, I have the game completely downloaded (including the 29 other dlc packs the game needs), and I change all the settings to low. Whenever the game tries to load, it crashes. I did what this article said and “verified integrity of game cache” and it did find some files missing, installed them, and the game still crashed on loading screen. Did another verified integrity of game cache, and it found no issues. Idk what to do. I have a r7 260x which isn’t recommended for this game, but I’ve seen benchmark tests on youtube that shows the game should run with this GPU.

  • Sumedh

    simple just install the 347.88 nvidia driver n the gme wrks just fine

  • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

    I legit just upgraded my computer to meet all the minimum specs in every way, installed all the drivers, and it still claims that my stuff doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. what the fuck is this bullshit and how do I fix it?

  • For some people, I made a tutorial to help solving the issue of starting game Mortal Koombat X: Juste see:

  • Eugen Habdelić

    My game closes automaticly withouth any error or crash, after i complete one mission it closes withouth any error or bug. Please help me i downloaded game over noSTEAM. atm i am downloading update 3