Error Fixes for NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 PC- Crashes, Bugs and Errors

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 is now released for PC and get ready to take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare to dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen . STORM series has always come up with good number of issues that did not let the gamers install/play the game. We have put up this guide to solve few of the prominent errors prevailing in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate ninja storm 4 PC version. If you have any error/ crash/bug that isn’t discussed here, head back to the comments section and post it right there. We’ll look into it and come up with a reply as soon as possible.


# Main menu lags fix:

It’s been said that the main menu is lagging during the start of the game. To solve the problem, just unplug the unwanted USB devices and reboot your PC.

# Severe Lag issues and very LOW FPS issues in NSUNS4 fix:

Various forums related to the game are all filled with “low fps issues”. We have few workarounds that can probably solve the lag issues

Method 1

In this method will work only for Nvidia GPU users.If you are a Nvidia GPU user,then go to nvidia control panel.To open it,just left click anywhere on the Desktop and select Nvidia Control panel.

*After opening “Manage 3D settings”, change the GPU performace to the highest.

Also, set high priority to the game in Task manager.

Method 2:Change the Values in INI file
  1. Find the NSUNSR.ini file in the root directory and change it’s values as given below.Before making any changes,make sure that you backed up the file because sometimes it may get corrupted.




You can change the frame rate value to more like 30,40…..

Method 3: Update the drivers

Updating the drivers of your GPU can definitely increase your FPS to great extent. If you have no idea about how to do it, we recommend you to use driver scanner, a free ware that updates your drivers by one click.

# Black/ White screen while opening the game : 

I have seen many people in different forums complaining about this issue while installing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm revolution on their PC’s. We also cannot assure you a sure shot workaround. However, the most preferred workaround is updating your Drivers. I don’t know why many people neglect this. Drivers are must for running latest software/games on your PC. Drivers make your Hardware detect the software and hence give maximum performance. We recommend you to follow our tutorial guide for updating the drivers easily.

# Naruto Shippuden :Ultimate ninja storm 4 has stopped working

The most recommend solution for solving this problem is “clearing the junk” in your PC. Junk includes registry errors, unwanted files etc. To clean your PC, we recommend the world’s best software “CCleaner“. I think Ccleaner doesn’t require any introduction as most of you know it.

  • Download it from here
  • After downloading it, perform a complete system scan with it.
  • Solve all the registry errors

Now, get back to the game.

# Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Crashing issues fix:

Well, there are lot of complaints in the forums regarding the crashing issues. Before actually complaining, you can most probably can solve by installing latest drivers for your hardware since the crashing issues are caused due to driver conflict most of the time. If you do not know how to do it, we recommend you to use Driver Scanner (Freeware that updates drivers by one click.) . To do this,

  • Click here
  • Click on “Scan for Drivers”.
  • Driver scanner starts downloading and you need to install it.
  • After installing, scan your PC for outdated drivers using it.
  • From the results, you can update the drivers by one click.

#DLL crash on startup fix:

DLL errors are quite annoying and even more prevalent. When you download the game for hours and install it for few more hours and finally end up with a dll error, it reallyreally hurts bad. However, you can solve the errors simply (literally, very simple) by pasting those missing dll files in the game root directory. However, if that didn’t help, we have perfect solution for all kinds of DLL errors. It’s the DLL-files fixer. You can download it for free from here.

  • After downloading, install it.
  • After installation, open “install DLL files ” tab.
  • This software has a wide library of DLL files and you can literally find any dll file
  • Now, enter the dll file name in the search box and from the results, click on install.

The software will do the rest of the job and you can sit back enjoy the game.

# How to change language in Ultimate Ninja storm Revolution 4:

We have a workaround for this issue.

  • Go to control panel and open “Clock, Language and Region”
  • Now, open region tab and open “adminstrative” tab
  • In the interface, change the language for non-unicode programs to your desired language

#DirectX error Ultimate Ninja storm PC:

Make sure that you have latest version of the DirectX on your PC and also updated the drivers recently.

# FPS drops issues in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PC fix:

Try this workaround.

1. Type MSConfig in your windows search bar.
2. In the System Configuration, checklist the box next to “Use original boot configuration”.
3. Press the Apply button then OK and Restart your computer.

Also, make sure that your drivers are upto date


  • Damnyoubowie

    Yeah, do you guys mind elaborating on the menu lag a bit? Some people are saying only the main menu and others are getting every menu in the game lagging. And by “unwanted devices” do you mean controllers or USB devices other than mouse/keyboard/controller?

  • Peter-akl

    The language doesn’t change by that method, I think is necessary to wait for a language pack or another fixed crack

  • Metroid215

    I have a sound issue where when anything happens in game e.g characters talk, a punch hits (or any form of attack), any time i dash and when i click on anything in the menus i get loud static and it really is ruining the experience.

    • Strinix ~

      me too

      • kappa

        same problem here xd ;/

        • Strinix ~

          I WANT A PATCH :'((((((((

          • The developers have been notified with this issue I guess. Hope they come up with a patch soon.

    • Diego Garcia

      me too man. where I get a patch to fix it?

    • ZephySB

      thats what i’m getting 🙁 and I’m trying to record it 🙁

    • ZephySB

      Metroid215 Strinix ~ This helped me with the problem, but if you’re on a laptop idk if it will work, but here you go, hope it helps!

      Static sound:

      To fix it, right-click on the sound settings on the bottom right of your desktop. Click on “Playback Devices”. Left-click and go to the properties of whatever you use to output audio. Go to the “Advanced” tab and change the format to 24 bit, 44100Hz (Studio Quality)

      • Metroid215

        you savior it worked no more static 😀 YESSSSSSS

  • Drew

    any advice on trying to use a controller? trying to use 360ce which i use (and it works) for dmc4. Trying to use a 3rd party 360 controller and the game is not accepting input.

    • Orcan

      I have the same problem – i Have PS2 controller which works perfect on Games Like DB Xenoverse or Other Narutos on steam and im using x360ce emulator but in NSUNS 4 it not works.. i have it configured like in other games but still its not working. Help please…

      • Drew

        I was able to fix it. When 360e runs without the 1_9 dll or whatever it says a dll file is not found and needs to be installed. My fix was moving JUST 360ce to the folder with the executable and letting it create the dll, then renaming it to the 1_9 whatever. If this article doesn’t list the 1_9 rename fix tell me and I’ll look at the file and post the exact file name here. Also remember to have a save file for the game in 360ce

        • Doni

          I cannot play with keyboard when the first save data has appeared then suddenly my keyboard is freezing and cannot proceed.

  • Amer Abu Shamleh

    dx11 device creation fail:0x80010010
    any idea how to fix this one ?

    • Nicco

      Same problem. I’ve directx 11.1 and I’ve change the vsync in the file config.ini to 0 but it not work

      • iRaduu

        Open config and set vsync to 0

        • Mahmoud Alzamer

          i did that and still the same

    • Adjie Turyanang Satya

      I have same problem here, just reboot your pc then play it again. if it doesn’t work, try to reinstall the game


    Thank you very now i can play whit no problem!!!!!

  • FUKO

    game main menu is japanese WTF how can i solve this shit

  • Makaveli

    Thanks a lot ! i have Nvidia GPU and the method 1 worked for me 🙂

  • Michael Johnson

    Cutscene audio only comes through 1 channel/speaker via headset (mono). Anyone know of a fix?

  • Yusuf Hassanat

    already try ccleaner and still getting force close….. is there anyway to fix it or have to wait games update?

  • BaB

    Dear clueless faggots – stop using lag on FPS problems. FPS does NOT lag, the frames are simple not made/skipped.

    Thank you.

    (also, i only have the slow menu issue, maybe peasants shouldn’t be trying to run the game on a tiny ferris wheel?)

    • Drew

      Dear clueless ass,
      it pleases me that you state you are still having a problem with the game after calling everyone on this site names and insulting their intelligence. Just a statement.

      • BaB

        I don’t have a problem with it, glorious 60 fps without any problems, soooo you may blow me, you potato using fgt. 🙂

        • deez nuts23233

          BaB lol look who is talking.who the fuck are you calling people you dont know peeasants,if i start saying what most of you americans are you will probably go to a corner and cry so just delete the comment.

          • BaB

            Elementary school called. It’s wondering why you dropped out.

  • Mitchell Williams

    It won’t let me play anything but free battle

    • Harshit

      Any fix mate? same issue here.

      • Blue Industries

        get codex version. im guessing you guys got the free version.

  • Lee kyrias

    when i start the story mode it come out a white screenand not responding ,who can help me?

    • Harshit

      same issue. any fix?

    • DeMarco King

      right click the shortcut or the .exe file and go to “run with graphic proccessor” and pick integrated graphics. If this doesnt work then you have to change the settings of the game with your graphics card like “nvidia control panel”

  • John

    Only when playing this game my laptop crashes and reports that my battery has been permanently damaged on start up…

  • Doni

    Anyone have the keyboard problem?

    I cannot play with keyboard when the first save data has appeared then suddenly my keyboard is freezing and cannot proceed.

    • Adjie Turyanang Satya

      You need to change the setting…
      Press “L” to select and in the main menu, press “backspace”….there you can edit the key to play with keyboard

      • I have same problem.. how to change the setting?

        • Adjie Turyanang Satya

          just press the backspace button after you press L button

          • Theo Agunu

            Take this L for that crappy fix

    • ibtehaj

      press L

  • natsu92

    When i do a combo with sasuke (katon, enton, …) or an other character, i don’t have the effect of the jutsu.There is Nothing happened.However the opponent take all the damage. It’s really Strange and annoying. Someone can help me ?

    • Iwan Retro Artworker

      I’ve got same problem

      • Yukishiro

        do you guys already solved this problem ? help me pls

        • Theo Agunu

          You have to download the NSUNS4 1.3a Update then replace it. I had exactly the same problem. It fixed it completely and it fixed my fps too. But hope you have the 33gb CODEX naruto. Anyways it should work on all versions.

  • Dj

    Has anyone the problem, where the secret technique scene overlaps with the attack at the end? It shows the picture, but after one second it just disappears and the attack continues, even though he is still talking. I am playing on PS4. Any solutions??

  • Adjie Turyanang Satya

    How about this ?
    dx11 device creation fail : 0x80010010

  • jolly


    can someone give me a solution with regard to the crash?

    I Naruto 4 storm with update 2

    Randomly crashes but forcibly shutting down the computer itself!

    I tried everything.

    Changed the config.ini no receivables, at 1280×720 resolution and even less

    It should be extremely fluid, but nothing after a while crash.

    I use it through Hard Drive USB3.

    I changed my hard drive the same problem.

    I always played quietly from external hard drive.

    I also hereby replaced with the launcher FPS fix, same problem

    Moral: I do not find any solution

    Macbook pro retina 13

    8gb ram

    intel HD4000

    windows 7

    can someone help me! 🙁

  • BK-201

    i can’t watch pw after fights.Can u tell me how to fix it ?

    • Kyran Douglas

      get codex version, you got the wrong one, the story mode is 30 gigs.

      • BK-201

        But i really can’t download the same game again.It was all my fault to download wrong one.I also finished the story mode without previews so there is no need to download again

  • Javier Avila Parada

    My game freezes when creating the saved data, when i first open the game. What can I do??

    • ᅳ, em ᅳ

      did you find a solution for this? i have the same problem..

  • Orochimaru-Sama

    adventure mode loading screen is stuck at 90%

    • Shaheryar Tahir

      same here

    • Heath Bhattacharya

      Same problem

  • Rayquqaza

    could not initialize steam… whyy??? please anyone help me fix this

    • Daniel Salgado

      same issue, did you find something?

  • Cyrus Malik

    Guys please tell me how to fix this i just installed it it finsished downloading and now this its too disapointing it took 4 days!!

    • Miow Kar Chun

      me more sad after download 1 day it got problems already

    • Sylvester Luck


  • samuel

    for direct x 11 problem. update driver through nv geforce gaming experience.

    • samuel

      main problem is fps lock even for i5 my processer fps lock in 5/7 in menus. can’t playable even i7 GTX570 fps is 10-15. fuck.

  • Daffa Satria

    All story cutscene can’t play so i have to skip movie
    How do i fix that ???? Please

    • sheriff olawuyi

      I also have the same problem, don’t know what to do

      • yudodiz

        did you found a solution for this???

    • yuya

      same here, how to fix it?

      • yudodiz

        did you found a solution for this?

    • yudodiz

      Have you found a fix for this yet?

      • Daffa Satria


        • Vikash Mohanty

          ICheck installed folder… If its 8-9 Gb then you cant see cutscenes. Download the 33GB version

    • Vikash Mohanty

      I am Having the same issue.

  • Jeibher Ramirez

    BlackScreen no fix yet, latest NVIDIA drivers! any help?

  • piedone

    I have a fix for # Black/ White screen while opening the game . For me it work like this :
    go to the note file called “settings” on your game directory,
    open “settings”
    under [screensetting]

    width= your pc/laptop resolution (ex width=1366)
    height= your pc/laptop resolution (ex height=768)

    after this , check the windowed=1 if is “1”
    make it “windowed=0”
    This worked for me , hope it’s working for you 😀

    • Miow Kar Chun

      how to change 1 to 0 ????

  • Sanket Davane

    black screen with no audio during cutscene,help please

    • yudodiz

      found any fix yet? I also have the same problem

    • madmax011

      Try clearing save data thst worked for me

    • Vikash Mohanty

      All cut scene and movie with black screen and no audio have to skip

  • Glenn

    My 2 player mode wont play in my ps4? Any suggestions?

  • Tarush Gupta

    I have a low end pc so I want to set resolution to a low one, but the settings only gives me 2 options. What should I do?

  • Andrew Foster

    I’ve done all of this… It doesnt make a difference, the game crashes after a mere 20 minutes, every, single, time… I’m probably going to just return it to get my money back at this point… such b.s.

  • keko

    If i use japanese audio , i hear nothing .. i can only see subtitles

  • Hakim Bamba

    Season Pass content is not showing. I don’t see any of the “Last Characters or Boruto characters” in my roster. I’m playing on Steam and it will not install ‘pausing’ because of a “disk write error”.

  • Adeleke5140

    applied save file, i only have Boruto, Sarada, Naruto and Sasuke(the last), any fix also game crashes in story mode Madara vs Hashirama.

  • alvin aliu

    All story cutscene can’t play so i have to skip movie
    How do i fix that ?

  • Vikash Mohanty

    Hi I found a solution on Cutsence fix. Check your installed folders Properties. If its 8-9 gb then there is no cut scene you can watch. So if you want really watch awesome cutscene and go with the flow of the chapters.. Download the 33 GB version


    Each time i fight madara in the beginning of story mode with hashirama it always Freezes i have windows 10

    I7-6700 3.85 Ghz 7.00 GB RAM

    i tried everything (Services.msc Touch thing) (Task manager) And Other Stuff!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!

  • Shivesh suri

    Game do not start and also gives no error????pls help me out

  • Teguh Setiawan

    If anyone installing this game but there is no current movie or cutscene during story mode or black screen during that, you have to skip the video. Because you definitely download the repack about 8-9 GB version, but if you want everything runs smoothly, including video and voice, try to install the codex and the full version game downloads about 33 Gb. Hopefully, this experience can help.

  • Amir