Error Fixes for NBA 2K16 PC- Crashes, Errors, Bugs, Lag, Low FPS, DLC

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  • edek

    Msvcp110.dll is Missing/ Any DLL error fix:
    I did everything, but it still does not work …HELP!

    • Dikoy121

      just download bro and paste it in the game folder..

  • Atin

    For some reason, when I turn on v-sync, it plays locked 60fps. Turning it off causes all the frame rate drops. I also turned off special effects and turned crowd density to low, also textures to low because I noticed the textures look practically the same as high. Mostly crowd causes this lag and based on my system: FX 6300 GTX 960 8gb RAM, I think thats the problem. I really need to upgrade my processor.

  • Lacis

    OMG. Oonly pot that really helped me with fps problem! Thank you! 🙂

  • charbel bechara

    first i got MSVCP110 error i fixed that by downloading it and copy it … than i got 0xc000007b error , i downloaded AIO and install the missing file but it doesnt work same error … i re installed the game also the same error ( 0xc000007b error ) any suggestions ?? please helppppp

  • Kent Escoto

    when i do the spin layup move it crashes,,and when it sayd lebron will be interviewd other player will be in the interview PLS HELP ME

  • iAmRenz

    Guys what is the problem, I can’t play an exhibition match because it always crashes

  • iAmRenz

    My game crashes everytime I will play an exhibition match. what is the problem?

    • Makra125PL

      MY too ;(

      • iAmRenz

        my game is fixed now i just reinstalled it