Error Fixes for NBA 2K16 PC- Crashes, Errors, Bugs, Lag, Low FPS, DLC

The festive of 2K16 has started with Pro Evolution soccer 2016 which was released earlier this month. Later on, Games like FIFA 16 and Train Simulator 2016 followed the series. And finally, the time has come for NBA. NBA 2K16 is rolling out worldwide now and is getting “mixed” reviews in the market. Many of the players are complaining about errors, crashes and bugs that they are facing while playing NBA 2K16. We have rolled out this “How to fix errors” guide for NBA 2k16 errors. Hope you all find the answers for your problems after peeping through this guide.

Gameplay of NBA 2K16:

Error Fixes for NBA 2k16:

#1: FPS drop issues:

Lag is one of the primary issues while playing the game online in multiplayer mode. Few are also complaining that the game is lagging even in Single player mode. So, how do you fix it ?

  • Connect to the game through LAN for better ping
  • Turn of “V-sync” and “Triple buffering”
  • Set high priority to the game in Task manager.
  • Try to run the game in windowed mode if the above workarounds didn’t help.

#2: Random crashes in game/crashes back to desktop

Once have a look at the following crashes. If you have any one of them, you have a chance to solve them.

  • Crashing on battle results screen, which XP compatibility mode fixes
  • Game Crashing after the start screen
  • Game Crashing while taking screenshots
  • Game Crashing when not saved on an internal HDD
  • Excessive CPU usage to render things causes massive slowdowns
  • Crash after High school

Solution: First of all, try to change the Desktop screen resolution to Game resolution. It might fix the error for few people. However, the best and most recommended solution is updating your Video Card and sound card drivers. Driver scanner will make your task go easier and Quicker.

#3: Lag issues fix:

Nvidia has rolled out a workaround for this problem. We have listed those 3 workarounds below.

1. In-game option —>disable supersamling—> disable vsync—->buffer count=1 (other option base on your taste)

2. Download Nvidia Inspector —->create new profile —> add nba2k16.exe into execute file

3. In Nvidia Inspector NBA 2K16 profile(created in 2. ) —> set vsync on/off here based on your need, then Max Prerender Frame set to 1 , power management type to “max performance” —> click apply setting at the top right hand corner, done and run the game.

#4: Mouse not working:

According to the gameplay settings, you cannot play the game using Mouse. However, we recommend you to use a controller for better gameplay.

#5: Msvcp110.dll is Missing/ Any DLL error fix: 

Dll Files errors are quite common issues these days. First of all, to fix this issue make sure that you have installed Microsoft Redistributable C++ on your PC . However, if you are still getting this error, it means that the file is corrupted or incompatible. To solve the error now, we suggest you all to use Dll-Files Fixer ( Not spyware/malware. Read more about it here) . After downloading,

  • Perform a complete Pc scan. It generally takes 5-10 minutes of time.
  • After the scan, you can see the results of corrupted files.
  • You can easily remove them and replace with compatible files by one click.

#6: Stuttering issues:

First of all, check the programs that are running in the background. Now, end the tasks that are not necessary. Also, set high priority for the game in task manager. Sometimes, turning off “V-sync” might also help.

#7: 0xc000007b error NBA 2K16 Fix:

To solve this issue, you need to install latest Microsoft Visual Redistributable c++ . If you have already installed it, then you need to use AIO run-times to solve this error. Follow the step-by-step guide (Given below)

  1. First of all, download AIO-Runtimes  (Mediafire link)
  2. After downloading, extract the files and open “svcpack” folder.
  3. Now, run AIO runtimes application. The software initiates and then click on “install” tab. Wait for 10 minutes . The software will download the missing files and helps you play the game.

#8: MyCareer not working in NBA 2K16:

First of all “verify the integrity of game cache files” to make sure that no file is corrupted. If there’s any, immediately restore the files. NBA 2k16 is going to roll out a patch soon. Let’s hope that they fix this problem with the patch.

  • edek

    Msvcp110.dll is Missing/ Any DLL error fix:
    I did everything, but it still does not work …HELP!

    • Dikoy121

      just download bro and paste it in the game folder..

  • Atin

    For some reason, when I turn on v-sync, it plays locked 60fps. Turning it off causes all the frame rate drops. I also turned off special effects and turned crowd density to low, also textures to low because I noticed the textures look practically the same as high. Mostly crowd causes this lag and based on my system: FX 6300 GTX 960 8gb RAM, I think thats the problem. I really need to upgrade my processor.

  • Lacis

    OMG. Oonly pot that really helped me with fps problem! Thank you! 🙂

  • charbel bechara

    first i got MSVCP110 error i fixed that by downloading it and copy it … than i got 0xc000007b error , i downloaded AIO and install the missing file but it doesnt work same error … i re installed the game also the same error ( 0xc000007b error ) any suggestions ?? please helppppp

  • Kent Escoto

    when i do the spin layup move it crashes,,and when it sayd lebron will be interviewd other player will be in the interview PLS HELP ME

  • iAmRenz

    Guys what is the problem, I can’t play an exhibition match because it always crashes

  • iAmRenz

    My game crashes everytime I will play an exhibition match. what is the problem?

    • Makra125PL

      MY too ;(

      • iAmRenz

        my game is fixed now i just reinstalled it