Error fixes for No Man’s Sky PC Part 2- FPS issues, Save, Crashes, DLL errors Fix

No Man’s Sky is now trending worldwide after it’s release. It’s been released for PS4 and Microsoft windows simultaneously. However, there a huge list of errors and crashes in No Man’s sky that’s not letting the gamers run this game on their PCs. We have already posted an error fix guide for No Man’s sky. But, the errors and bugs list is big and hence we put up this part 2 guide.


 Have a look at the part 1 Of this guide here.

# Steam Error- You Don’t have a Suitable License Fix- No Man’s Sky:

There’s a workaround mentioned in the Steam forums. Have a look at it here.

#msvcsr100.dll Error fix in No Man’s Sky Fix:

First of all, make sure that you have already installed Microsoft Visual C++ on your PC.  If that’s not the case, then you should have to paste the msvcr100.dll file into the installation directory. To lower the burden, we recommend you to use Dll-Files Client. This tool is specifically created to solve DLL errors that pop up while installing Games on PC. So, If you are encountering any Dll error while installing No man’s sky, we recommend Dll Files client as the option to choose. Just get it and after downloading, search for the DLL file name from the search box. After that, from the results, you can see the desired Dll file name. From there , you can install the DLL file and hence solve the issue.

# Laggy Gameplay- No Man’s Sky Fix:

Just try these workarounds.

  • Go to Nvidia control panel > Manage 3D settings and set the Power management mode to “Prefer Maximum Performance”
  • Set High priority to the game in Task manager.

#Mouse Input Lag in No Man’s Sky Fix:

Tweaking the Nvidia control panel will solve this problem.

  • Go to Nvidia control panel.
  • Now, change the max frame value. (Recommended value: 2)

#Mouse Sensitivity/Acceleration Fix :

This can be done in both ways. One is directly from the in-game settings. The other is from the Control panel.

  • In the Control panel, go to mouse settings.
  • In them, make sure that Enhance pointer precision option is off.
  • If this did not solve the issue, try to change the Polling rate of your mouse from it’s software.