Error Fixes for Project Cars PC- Stuttering, Crash on Startup, Bugs, Stopped working, BSOD, Lag

Adrian Smith

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  • Jakob Jørgensen

    I have a weird issue i haven’t seen other people have with project cars. Randomly the game goes down to 30 fps (normally running between 50-90) and the game runs extremely slow. My car is moving slow but the qualy time is running normal. And when the “lag” is over the car runs extremely fast to gain the lost time… Anyone that knows how to fix this problem?

    • jp

      Same issue here. In a lot of tracks, the fps drops for a couple of seconds, its like lag, and I have a nvidia 970gtx with a i7 3700 processor. Its the only game I have this issue. I use a xbox one controller, and what somewhat helped was connecting it to the back usb ports, instead of the front, but the issue still exists. I even tried overclocking the video card, but it makes no difference, its an issue with the game if you ask me.

    • Chris Barrett

      Most likely your CPU / GPU are exceeding temperature thresholds that make your system “throttle” down the clock speeds of either the CPU or GPU so it can cool down. It’s self-protecting, but slowing your system down. Try re-pasting with better thermal compound on your heatsink(s) and blow any dust out of your PC & off the fans.