Error Fixes for Project Cars PC- Stuttering, Crash on Startup, Bugs, Stopped working, BSOD, Lag

After a long time, PC Gamers have finally got a brand new Car racing game to play on. It is the PROJECT CARS. After many postpone dates, this game has finally released on 6th May, 2015 . At one point of time, The Crew and Project cars had almost same release date. However, The Crew was released back in December 2014 . We actually should feel happy that they took so much time for releasing the game. They might have worked for better graphics and bug fixes in this time. However, despite of so much work, people are still complaining about few issues they have faced while installing this game. Gamunation has your back and has posted this Error Fixes Guide for Project Cars. We may not be able to list out all the errors here. However, we can help you in solving your issue. You can either contact us through mail at or just post your query in the Sidebar forums which you can see on the bottom left corner of your screen now.

Project cars

Incase if you have missed, we also have listed out the System requirements of Project Cars. Have a look at them below.

System Requirements of Project Cars:

Minimum System Requirements for Project Cars:

    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 with latest Service Packs
    • Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GTX 260, ATI Radeon HD 5770
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Recommended System Requirements for Project Cars:

    • OS: Windows 7 with latest Service Packs
    • Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 3700, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GT600 series, AMD Radeon HD7000 series
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card


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How to Fix Errors, Crashes and Bugs in Project Cars:

We will list out the most prominent errors here along with the possible workarounds.

#1: My Gaming wheel does not work :

Project Cars doesn’t have compatibility with all the Gaming wheels available in the market. You can check the list of compatible gaming wheels here . So, if you are using any other Gaming wheel, then you may not run the game. 

#2: Stuttering issues while playing the game:

The most recommended workaround for this issue will be updating the drivers. With old drivers, Any new game like Project Cars cannot run smoothly. So, first of all, update the drivers. After updating the drivers, also disable “Detailed grass” and “Motion blur” from In-game settings.

#3: Cannot turn on V-sync on the start:

Go to your Graphics card control panel. Now, you need to set the V-sync to application preference. This allows you to turn off/on V-sync while starting the game.

#4: Game crashes on startup:

People have been facing this issue where the game crashes back to desktop on start up. You can try to solve this error by Updating your drivers. Manual updating might cause some more additional problems. So, I recommend you to use Driver Scanner. Just follow the steps given below to update all kinds of drivers on your PC.

  • First of all, download Driver Scanner (It is not adware/spyware. You can cross-check it with your Antivirus program )
  • After downloading it, you need to perform a complete system scan with it.
  • After that, you will end with results of drivers that need to be updated.
  • From there, you can easily update the drivers by one click.

#5: Cannot change the Language:

Default language is set to English. However, if you want to change the language,

  • Right click on Project Cars in Steam.
  • Go to properties. There you can find Language tab from where you can change the language.

#6: Blue screen of Death issue:

There is a solution for this issue on Tomshardware forums. You can have a look at it here 

#7: Project Cars not launching :

Some files might have got corrupted or missed while downloading this game. So, firstly verify the game cache files and restore missing files. If that didn’t help,

  • Delete Local content.
  • Now, Logout and exit from steam.
  • Reboot your PC and login into steam and play the game.

#8: Very low FPS and Lag:

People who are having a very good rig  are also facing this lag issue. They can solve lag by updating the drivers. They’ll find immediate boost in FPS after updating the drivers. However, for Low end Pc’s , Setting high priority for the game in Task manager might help.

More work under progress….

  • Jakob Jørgensen

    I have a weird issue i haven’t seen other people have with project cars. Randomly the game goes down to 30 fps (normally running between 50-90) and the game runs extremely slow. My car is moving slow but the qualy time is running normal. And when the “lag” is over the car runs extremely fast to gain the lost time… Anyone that knows how to fix this problem?

    • jp

      Same issue here. In a lot of tracks, the fps drops for a couple of seconds, its like lag, and I have a nvidia 970gtx with a i7 3700 processor. Its the only game I have this issue. I use a xbox one controller, and what somewhat helped was connecting it to the back usb ports, instead of the front, but the issue still exists. I even tried overclocking the video card, but it makes no difference, its an issue with the game if you ask me.

    • Chris Barrett

      Most likely your CPU / GPU are exceeding temperature thresholds that make your system “throttle” down the clock speeds of either the CPU or GPU so it can cool down. It’s self-protecting, but slowing your system down. Try re-pasting with better thermal compound on your heatsink(s) and blow any dust out of your PC & off the fans.