Error Fixes For Resident Evil HD Remaster – Lags, Bugs , Slow Motion Gameplay, Graphics Issues, Random Crashes, Dll Crash, Stuttering Issues,

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  • Lisa

    Got the stuttering on xbox one too. No clue how to fix it 🙁

  • Pliskeen

    How about slow motion gameplay problem? 🙁

    • Jim Preston

      I’m having the same problem and I have an Alienware lol. Pls send halp D:

      • Did you guys verify the integrity of Game cache ?

        • rage

          Yes it does not help at all :/

          • Try to Lower the Framerate to 30 and play the Game. Hope it works..!!! 🙁

          • rage

            It does not work either, tried different settings. As soon as I find a solution i let you guys know.

          • spartan117

            try to alt+tab to switch out to desktop and then get back into the game again, but it just temporary fix the problem though

        • Pliskeen

          I’m already added RE HD to 3d graphic setting in AMD catalys setting and still not wroking 🙁

    • rage

      I have the same problem … hope there is a solution. i have a lenovo y50-70

      • Παναγιώτης Κυριακόπουλος

        Have you find a solution?i have the same laptop….

    • Παναγιώτης Κυριακόπουλος

      Ok i found it!!!!!
      As i said i have the lenovo y-5070 laptop with the gtx 860m.Now if you go to nvidia control panel,and add the resident evil hd remaster,and put to use the nvidia gpu instead of the internal gpu that is the intel hd!
      My fps now with full settings are more than 40 instead of 7 before!!!!
      Hope that solves the problem for everyone!

      • Jsent Camacho

        Παναγιώτης Κυριακόπουλος thnaks 🙂 this realy worked on my Lenovo y50

    • behnam
  • Tomijapan

    XBOX one
    lack of synchronization of subtitles and dialogues

  • TAN

    i using gt635m, 2gb, K46C. is it my laptop can support?

  • Bill

    Still getting slow motion no matter the settings. I don’t have a high end machine, but I can perfectly play deus ex human revolution or far cry 3 for example, how come I can’t play a game which is basically a couple models running around pre-rendered backgrounds?

  • Brian Grant

    to turn off your slow motion gameplay go to C:usersyour nameappdatalocalcapcomresident evil biohazard@ hd remaster and turn off VSYNC and it should work same thing happen to resident evil 4..

  • Παναγιώτης Κυριακόπουλος

    Hello i also have the lenovo y5070 with i7 4710 and gtx 860 4gb and the fps i get are only 7-8!!!!
    How can this be possible.I have installed the latest drivers on my gpu,i have tried to change vsync frame rate and other graphic properties but still nothing!!!
    Has anyone solved this annoying problem?

  • Milad

    Cannot run the game with 2X GTX 680 Superclocked in SLI mode , 64Gb of ram and 2x Xeon 2620 CPU on windows 8.1 !!! and have verified game cache files!
    anybody knows why ?!

  • Dr.Emuler

    try this patch about slow motion

  • Fero D

    Your solution is so broken. “Make sure that you are using Updated video card drivers.”
    don’t give us that bs makes you look noob -_- if you don’t know a solution then don’t even think of giving us fake solution son

  • behnam

    Hi guy’s
    there is a patch fixing lag problem in RESIDENT EVIL HD REMASTERED for pc
    just download it and do what ever it says in the help pictures
    ur problem will be fixed

  • gatorseat

    Im getting slow motion gm play

  • Devilslunacy

    hey someone can help me out, i have the slow motion problem and my pc specs are

    intel core I5 4670 3.40GHZ 3.40GHZ
    10Gb of ram 1333
    Graphic card ATI 5450 1gb VRam

    so i think i should be able to run it at least in low settings because of my graphic card

  • Ji Baltazar

    Theres no help in this thread. Just update drivers blah blah blah!