Error Fixes for Stellaris PC Game- Low FPS, stuttering, crashes, lag Fix

Are you ready to experience a 4X grand strategy video game experience and simulate the military ? Well yes, here is the game that you might love to have a look. Stellaris is the latest Grand strategy video game which revolves around space exploration, managing diplomacy and warfare with the other space civilizations.


The game is set in the year 2020. This game is available on Windows, Linux and OS X and it does have both single player and multi player modes. However, our main intention in writing this post is to solve the errors, bugs and crashes that are prevalent in Stellaris (2016 PC game). So, do have a look if you are having issues and share the post if you think it’s gonna help others. Also, if you have workaround for the issue that you have faced, do comment below so that it can reach others.

How to Fix Errors, Crashes and Bugs in Stellaris PC game:

First of all, according to the developers, if the game doesn’t start, try the following workarounds.

  • Disable any user made mods
  • Verify the game cache (Right click Stellaris in Steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> “Verify integrity of game cache”)
  • Delete the …\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris -folder on your computer (make sure to backup any save files you may have in there

# Random crashes in stellaris PC game Fix:

Crashing issues generally occur when there’s conflict between the drivers of hardware. So, the best practice to avoid the crashing issues is to update the drivers very often. However, sometimes it gets tough to find the corrupt drivers and to make a clean install. We recommend you to try Driver Scanner. This tool notifies you whenever there are new drivers and even updates the old drivers when made a scan. So,

  • Go to this page.
  • To scan for drivers, download the Driver scanner.
  • After downloading it, perform a complete PC scan using it.
  • Now from the results, you can update the drivers by one click.

# Stellaris Game Lag/ Stuttering issues Fix:

So, there are few workarounds that might solve the problem temporarily. The developers have been notified about the lag and stuttering issues and they have already rolled out a fix which is under testing. They might come up with the next patch this week. So, here are the general solutions to solve lag, low FPS and stuttering issues in Stellaris

  • Go to Nvidia control panel. Open “Manage 3D settings” and set the “power management mode ” to “prefer maximum performance”
  • Set high priority to the game in Task manager.
  • If you are fine with lower settings, try to lower the settings in-game. You can also use swiftshader if you are on a low end rig. It disables some of the textures which makes the game look garbage.