Error Fixes for The Error Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition PC- Black Screen, Crash, Lag Fix

Adrian Smith

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  • Sebastian C. Bak

    Hi it’s still balck screen for me even do i have the newest drivers for my nvidia 965m gpu the update 375.70! Will there be a fix?

    • Sebastian Cedbak Bak.


  • Tyler Lloyd

    After an hour of play on Xbox one my screen went black. I can still hear and see my crosshairs and even move around but it’s basically like my character is completely blind. I have to power cycle my Xbox to fix this as every time this happened as it carries across saves.

  • Ettore Manzari

    error d3dx9_dll file?

    • Normando Silva

      directx install it

  • Just me

    Mine says it’s running in steam but the game never comes up on the desktop. If I try to close steam it says I must first exit Skyrim in order to close Steam. Everything indicates the game is running as it should except for the fact it will not load to desktop. My drivers for the GTX 1060 are up to date and the game verify’s through steam. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Daniel Miller

      Same issue here cant find a fix its really irritating cause i played the game for a few minutes then quit to change the graphics down to reduce lag and when i tryed to play it, it did this

  • James Buchheit

    I’m having a very weird graphical glitch, the characters, dragons, horses, everything that can move basically is lit up like a disco ball, has these white and grey patches moving all along them. No matter what I do I cannot fix it for the life of me. I tried disabling vsync, turning graphics to max, turning graphics to min, and everything in between, messing with the shadow settings, turning anti a off, all that….

    If anyone has a fix for me please e-mail me, pleeeeeasssseeee..

    Thaaaanks 🙂

    • ventedheart365

      Same Issue, been working on a fix for days now. SOme people have had success with opening the nvidia control pannel>manage 3d settings> add skyrim se to the list>set to high performance under preferred graphics processor.

      this didnt work for me, but some people have had sucess with it.