Error Fixes for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier- DirectX, lag, Freezing, Crashing Fix

Adrian Smith

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    Probably one of the most useless error fixes I’ve ever seen. If the game is freezing and the only assistance you can provide is “Get a better PC,” then you should probably stop making these “error” fixes, or possibly just provide actual help for other possible scenarios.

  • Fisstech Addict

    Fuck this site

  • Connor012103

    Any fixes for this problem? Basically, the lighting is broken. Shadows’ edges are squares, when inside a car on episode 1 chapter 1 the inside of the car starts to turn white and flash.

    • MetalManiac

      Make sure your gpu drivers are up to date, if you overclocked it, go back to default settings

  • firdaus bengbeng

    Please help me my laptop Intel core i7 RAM 8GB NVIDIA G-FORCE 840M. Game is WORK BUT VERY VERY LAG . i don’t now why . I neet help please i love this game i wanna play but i don’t like playing if lag