Fixes for The Evil Within-Low FPS,Lag,Stuttering,Error Codes

Tew_boxman_670x300The Evil Within, is One of the most anticipated games this fall is out now.This game is released on October 14,2014 for PC,PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4,XBOX 360 and XBOX one.This is a survival type Horror game like “The Slender Man”.Tango Gameworks have developed this game and later this game is published by Bethesda Softworks.The entire game will be played in Third person perspective that means you could actually see the protagonist(Sebastian Castellanos) while playing the game.I will discuss more about the Game plot in the next paragraph.

If you could fight at the right time and could make optimum use of the environment,you can nail this game.As this a survival genre game,the protagonist Sebastian may not be so powerful.You can restore the health by taking medicines.Also,you can upgrade the abilities of Sebastian by collecting vaccines of green liquid which will be available at random places in the Random world.Players also carries weapons like Revolver,Knife,Grenades,Bows etc to avoid himself from getting killed.Anyway,if you have played and completed games like Train,Slender Man-the 8 pages,then you can do well(as all of them belong to same category).

Okay,that is about the game.Here i will show you some error fixes for The Evil Within.If the error you are facing is not included in this guide,please let me know about that by commenting below.

Stuttering Error Fix for The Evil Within:

Stuttering is a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables, or words are repeated or prolonged, disrupting the normal flow of speech.Stuttering irritates a lot because one side we cannot listen or watch the story and the other side sometimes the Game will also crash.Anyway,the solution for this error is updating your Sound card and Video card.Click here to know how to update Sound card and Graphics card.

Tip#1: Unlock the Framerate:(Consoles)

Before unlocking the framerate,firstly you need to activate the console.To do this,

  • Open Steam.Then right click on The Evil within and select properties.
  • Now,in the general tab,click on select launch options.
  • Paste “+com_allowconsole 1” (without “”s) in the bar to activate the console.
  • Once the game has launched, hit the Insert key to bring down the developer console.

Once you did this,now you are ready to unlock the framerate.To unlock,

  • Open the in-game console and type “R_swapinterval
  • You can change it to R_swapinterval-1 to set the FPS to 60.
  • Also,if you want to remove the limits for framerate,change to R_swapinterval-0.
  • But,neither our Website nor Bethesda(Game Developers) has concern about the issues that will be caught later on.

Low FPS/Lag Error Fix:

Lag is one of the most common issue for PC games.If you experience lag while playing any game,then it means that either your Hardware components are not sufficient to run the game or may be due to temporary problem like multi-tasking.So,if you think you have sufficient hardware components,try to play the game again by disabling other tasks.If not,follow the simple tips which are written below to solve this problem.

Tip #2 : Use Game Booster:

Well,Game booster is one of the important tool to run High End games on a low end PC.There are few game boosters available in the internet for free.Out of them,i recommend Razer Game booster as the best option around.I have used the Booster to run Alien Isolation on my Laptop and it worked fine.just follow the instructons listed below to use Razer game Booster.

  • First of all,you need to download the Booster from Here
  • After downloading,install it.
  • Then,left click on the EXE file of The Evil Within and select “open with razer game booster” option.
  • Now,the razer game booster will take 10 secs to get initialized and then you are ready to play the game.This may not increase FPS very much but what all i can say is “your FPS will be better than the previous”

There is also another tool called “Swift Shader” which can also help you in reducing the lag while playing The Evil Within.All you need to do is just download swift shader from internet,extract it.Then,copy the Dll file present in the extracted folder and paste it into game root Directory which will be present in Program Files.But,swift shader is not recommended because you will miss some of the important textures of the game.

Tip 3: Lower the Resolution:

Lowering the resolution and disabling some unwanted textures in the game settings will also help you increase FPS and reduce lag.

Tip 4: For Nvidia users,

If you use Nvidia video card,then this method will help you increase FPS.

1) First of all,go to Nvidia control panel.You can open it by left clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting Nvidia control panel.

Untitled2) Then,in the items present on the left side,double click on Manage 3D settings.

3) Then,if you did not find The Evil within in the list of applications,click on add.

4) Now,you should manually add The Evil within by navigating to the Folder containing The Evil within in program files.

xinput1_3.dll missing error Fix:

While you are installing The Evil Within,you might have encountered on of the following errors.

“xinput1_3.dll is missing”

“xinput1_3.dll not found”

“The Program has stopped working because xinput1_3.dll is missing from your computer”


First of all,try to disable the anti-virus and re-install the game.This should work because sometimes your antivirus will not allow the dynamic link library (DLL) files.If this method did not work,try to follow the method given below.This solves 90% of the dll errors.

  • First of all,download xinput1_3.dll file from here
  • After downloading,extract the files out of it.After extracting,you can find xinput1_3.dll file in the extracted folder.
  • Copy the dll file and paste it into system32 folder.

How to Skip intro videos in The Evil Within ?

 Want to get rid of the annoying story intro videos ?.To skip the intro videos,just follow the instructions given below.

  • Just paste “+com_skipintrovideo1 ” in the launch bar of steam properties.

Hope you all solved your errors.If you still have any queries,head up to our forums.