Football Manager 2015 Error Fixes-Lag,Crashes,Blank screen and more

football manager errors and their fixes

Football Manager 2015 is released for PC and Mac on November 7,2014.In this game,the players should take the role of Football club manager and simulate the game.This game is also ready to be released on Android and iOS.This game is,as you all know,the next installment for Football Manager 2014.The Gameplay plot is similar to that of Football Manager 2013.The only change that can be observed between FM13 and FM14 is the new in-game editor which is now available for all the matches.Here,i have listed few important errors and their fixes.Hope you all find solution for your error from this post.But before going,have a look at the System requirements of Football manager 2015.If your PC specifications are below the system requirements of FM15,then the most recommended suggestion is upgrading your PC.

Minimum Windows Requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor:Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon – XP: 1.6GHz+ V/7/8: 2.2GHz+
  • Memory:1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100 – 128MB VRAM
  • DirectX:Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive:3 GB available space

Game won’t launch-Steam issue:

This is an issue with Game cache.You can solve it by

  • Open steam
  • Open the library and click on properties.
  • Click on Local files tab and verify for Game cache.
  • Steam will check for the missing files.If there are no missing files,then try to re-install the game.

Stuttering while playing Audio or Video:

This has been the prominent issue for all the latest PC games.You can solve this by updating your Video card and sound card drivers.

Dll File crash for Football Manager 2015:

Dll errors are the most prominent errors in PC games.You can solve these errors by downloading and pasting the missing dll files in System 32 folder present in Windows local disk.But,that sometimes may not work.If that did not work,try using this tool.

Delete Dump files from the game:

If your having more issues with the game crashing on launch, you might need to delete the crash dump files. To solve this,

  1. open My Documents
  2. Click on Sports Interactive and open Football Manager
  3. Delete Crash Dumps depending on how many you have.

Unable to find essential data Issue in Football Manager 2015:

To solve this,

  • Right click on steam application file.
  • Click on properties.
  • Select Compatibility tab.
  • Unmark the Run in Compatibility mode for box and click OK.
  • Now try to run the game.

Blank screen while opening Fix:

Your video card is the primary reason for this issue.Either your Video card drivers are not updated or it is running in rendering mode.To solve this,change the mode of your Video card from control panel.Change the mode from GPU rendering mode to Software rendering Mode.

Low FPS or LAG fix:

You can reduce the lag by giving more priority for Football manager 2015 in the task manager.Alternately,you can also try this workaround.

  • Open Nvidia control panel.
  • Click on Manage 3D settings.
  • Then,open Football manager in the menu.
  • Now,change the Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance.

These are some of the issues and their solutions.If you have any other issues,please comment below.We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.Happy Gaming..!!

  • richard dyson

    Keeps buffering even on 2d now I have no sound either

  • Nadhir Memmiche

    I started new career game but after 2 min this game generates crash dump

  • iamsilvergirl

    Has anyone else lost their manager or not been able to log into them.
    My game (been playing for about 4 months?) and logged in this afternoon and my manager has vanished and I can’t log and find him….

    I fear he has run off for some other team, prettier and younger!!!! Waaaaaaaa