How to Fix any Dll errors for PC Games 2016

Adrian Smith

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  • Hassan

    i tried full version dll files fixer through some reg and crack stuff and now i cant go back to original dll files fixer, i uninstall it serval times but no luck, and my full hack dll files fixer doesnt download any dll files, invalid license error occurs, i even cant buy originally version as i am stuck with hack full version that doesnt work

    • Ah, we always recommend you to buy the license. Those cracks ruin the hardwork of developers. As you are in dilemma, we recommend you to delete Dll-files Fixer files completely and re-download it. This might help.!

      • Hassan

        tried uninstalling it and deleting every bit of file even removed registry files but still no luck, re installing windows might help

    • setiya adhi

      no problem on my pc, even just me updates online …..

  • Mr. Handsome
  • Bob


  • Bob

    Malwarebytes blocks this saying it is Malware? So I don’t want that on my new computer unless it’s approved,??

  • Q

    The mentioned software prompts to buy it first!!! Please mention other free applications too.

  • Alan Ong

    the game i play is free the file also should be free too we don wanna pay anymore