How to Fix any Dll errors for PC Games 2016

Bonjour Gamers. How you Doin ? So, as you have reached this post, we can certainly add you into the group of frustrated Gamers who encountered those annoying errors while installing their Favorite games on PC.

“The program can’t start because ‘*.dll’ is missing from your computer”

This specific error is probably the most annoying one among all. Your PC is all perfect to run the game you have put money for, and then this error pops up.Apart from being incredibly annoying to look at and preventing you from running the game you want, it’s often times hard to know what to do. The message typically asks you to reinstall the program. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not, and sometimes you may not want to reinstall because you have loads of data, files or settings connected to that program, and backing it up is a huge hassle (and sometimes not even possible)!
Now, there’s a really simple way to make this all go away.So,what are the causes for these errors ?

Causes for Dll Errors::

  • Well, first of all, many of the gamers try to download the games from the internet rather than buying it. Just think once. The developers work in developing the game should be rewarded. So, it is always recommended to buy the games rather than buying them from the Pirate websites. Anyway, even though you download the game from internet, there are ways to fix these Dll errors which i have mentioned below.
  • Whenever,you download games from pirate websites,sometimes while downloading (Or uploading by pirate groups), these Dll files will be missed or get corrupted.So,whenever you download that game,you will get this error.
  • Also,while installing the game, sometimes the Antivirus may not allow the computer to run the Dll file.So, sometimes it is good to disable your Antivirus and install the game.This method not always works.

Some of the Pop up Messages:

“Dllfilename.DLL Not Found”

“The file Dllfilename.dll is missing”

“File Dllfilename.dll not found”

“Dllfilename.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”

The Dllfilename can be anything.For example D3d11.dll,msvcr110.dll,xlive.dll

How does it all happen?

Typically, .dll errors appear for one of three reasons:

  • Program files have been corrupted, often during installation if e.g. an antivirus program has blocked some files due to suspicion (often false positives).
  • File has been removed when uninstalling another program or manually by accident.
  • File has been corrupted by a virus or other malware leading to it either being unrecognizable or it has been removed by your anti-virus program.

Hold on! Can the .dll simply be removed by uninstalling another program? Well, yes. DLL files are built so that they can be used by many different programs, even at the same time. Take this example: Game ‘A’ installs dll-file ‘X’ to make sure it can run. Then you install Game ‘B’, it sees that file ‘X’ is already available so does not install a new version. Both games will work and use the same file ‘X’. You then uninstall the first game ‘A’ which is written by its developer to remove all files installed, including file ‘X’. Game ‘B’ then gives “X.dll is missing” error.

In all cases, reinstalling the file properly would solve the error, typically without you having to reinstall the entire game. The DLL-Files Fixer can find the file you need and will recommend the optimal version of that file based on your system setup, then install it to the proper location and making sure all games and programs know where to find it. Simple as that. Problem solved!

New files are made available by the team over at weekly, in time with current developments and needs of the community. They take extreme care only to allow files that have a trusted source and correct MD5 hash identifier, eliminating the risk of downloading malware.

The missing or corrupted .dll files can be installed from the “Install DLL files” tab where you can input the .dll filename that you require and simply download and install with one click from the same page. Some of you might wonder about the quality of the files that are being displayed here, but I don’t think that should be much of a worry to you as the team over at make sure that files made available in their archive are from trusted sources and safe to use. You can also ‘copy’ the MD5 hash identifier and verify the source with a 3rd party service, e.g. with to see that it is clean from virus.

How to Solve these DLL Errors ?

Use Dll-Files Client:


Solving a dll error on your own can be pretty tricky. You have to find the right file, get the correct version, install it to the right folder, register it and so on, meanwhile you won’t know if you’ve done it right until you test the game again. If anything has gone wrong during the way, or you have the wrong version of the file, you have to start over. Totally annoying!

However, to lower the burden completely, we recommend you to use the DLL-Files Client. is the website that made this software specifially to solve the DLL errors that pop up while installing games/apps on your PC. Here, we explain about the Dll-Files Client in detail.

So, just download it from here to solve the DLL errors right away.


This is the Interface of Dll-Files client. You can clearly see that the Tool is specifially designed to solve Dll errors. You can see a Giant search tab in the middle where you have to enter the Dll File Name.

Let’s say someone’s having xlive.dll error while installing a game. Now, he should enter “xlive.dll” in the search tab.


Now, click on the link from the results. The software will scan your Operating system details and gives you the recommended file type of the Dll file.


You need to just click on Install, and the tool will do everything for you. It’ll install the Dll file in preferred location and the Game error will fade way. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your Game.




  • Hassan

    i tried full version dll files fixer through some reg and crack stuff and now i cant go back to original dll files fixer, i uninstall it serval times but no luck, and my full hack dll files fixer doesnt download any dll files, invalid license error occurs, i even cant buy originally version as i am stuck with hack full version that doesnt work

    • Ah, we always recommend you to buy the license. Those cracks ruin the hardwork of developers. As you are in dilemma, we recommend you to delete Dll-files Fixer files completely and re-download it. This might help.!

      • Hassan

        tried uninstalling it and deleting every bit of file even removed registry files but still no luck, re installing windows might help

    • setiya adhi

      no problem on my pc, even just me updates online …..

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  • Bob

    Malwarebytes blocks this saying it is Malware? So I don’t want that on my new computer unless it’s approved,??

  • Q

    The mentioned software prompts to buy it first!!! Please mention other free applications too.

  • Alan Ong

    the game i play is free the file also should be free too we don wanna pay anymore