How to Fix Errors in MineCraft-Blank Screen, Dll Crash, Lag ,Connectivity Issues, Java Fail Error

Minecraft is one of the most played games of all time. Almost all the Gamers that i have met have played this game atleast once in their lives. But, many of  them have faced errors while installing this game on their PC’s . So, i have decided to solve errors of such people by writing a detailed post regarding the prominent errors of Minecraft. Here you can find few of the prominent errors of Minecraft and their solutions . If you find this list helpful, please like our Facebook Page. Also, if you think that this post leaves something off ,please let us know by your comments.

minecraft errors fix PC


Errors in Minecraft and their solutions:

Dll Crash while opening the Game:

If you are experiencing any dll error while opening the game after installing, you can solve it by using this tool. This tool solves all kinds of dll error by one click . After installing this tool, you will be prompted for a complete PC scan for Dll errors. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete scanning and to show the results. Then after, you can solve the Dll errors by one click .You can try it for free here .

Can’t connect to Error Fix:

You can try the this workaround for connectivity issue. It worked for few people.

  • First of all, open Command Prompt window. To open it, type CMD in run and click OK
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns in the cmd.
  • Then try to connect through Minecraft.

Or else, you can also use TCP Optimizer( you can download it from here ). Run the application. Type in 1323 under TCP settings and disable Timestamps. Then reboot your PC.

Game stopped working after updating texture packs:

Remove unwanted cache and perform a clean install. Now, the game should work fine.

Game stucks/Freezes at loading screen:

This must be an issue with your Video card . If your video card did not meet the requirements of Minecraft,i suggest you to upgrade it . If not , you can try to update your Video card drivers as an alternate workaround. You can easily update your drivers using this tool.

Minecraft Not responding while connecting to the server:

Well, sometimes servers take longer time than expected to load. So, be patient and wait for some time to get connected to the server.

Can’t Save Controls Settings Fix:

  • Go to multiplayer,
  • Connect to the localhost(In the address type localhost) and let the connection fail.
  • Once it fails, your controls will be saved.
  • This might look strange but it works fine.

Blank/Blue screen while opening the Game:

This is the error that bothers Minecraft gamers most of the time as there is no particular solution . My suggestion is update the drivers. This worked for me when i found Blank screen while playing Call of Duty Advanced warfare. Hope it works for Minecraft too.

That’s it . Please comment below if you have any more errors .