How to Fix Lag in GTA 5/ Grand Theft Auto 5- Reduce Lag and Improve FPS

We all have been waiting for this day. After 2 years, Grand Theft Auto is now finally available for PC. However, along with it’s release, GTA 5 has also brought a big list of bugs and crashes that are needed to be fixed. Among those, Lag is one of the primary issues. So, we have decided to make up a Tweak guide for increasing FPS while playing GTA 5 on PC. Following this guide can improve your FPS upto 20-30 more than the original and hence reduces lag.


We have listed the tweaks in priority order. The first ones should be done by all and the later ones can be neglected if you have a Good PC. So, let’s get into the list of tweaks.

#1: Updating your Drivers:

This is a crucial step in this tweak guide. I don’t know why many people neglect this step. Updating the drivers will give your FPS a sudden boost. What more do you need ? :3 . Nvidia and AMD have released Game ready drivers for GTA 5.

How to update the drivers easily ? 

Well, if you are not a computer geek, Driver scanner can do it for you.

  • Open this link and click on scan for drivers.
  • Then you’ll be asked to download driver scanner (Don’t worry. This is not malware/adware. You can check it with your Anti-virus program)
  • After downloading , install it.
  • Now, it will perform a complete system scan
  • Later, you can update the drivers easily by one click.

#2: Kill Ping:

Kill Ping is the best software that we recommend for solving the lag issues. This software works flawlessly and is the best solution for High Ping and packet loss issues. Especially, in Multiplayer mode, this software can come handy.

#2: CPU core Parking Manager: 

This tool is very much helpful in tweaking your FPS. You need to follow the Video embedded below carefully to make this work.

Steps mentioned in the Video : 

1. Copy the following registry key: 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583

2. Select your start button.

3. In the search box, type ‘regedit’ and press enter.

4. Once your registry editor is open, select ‘Edit’ and ‘Find…’.

5. Paste the above registry key in the box and select ‘Find’.

6. Once it has located it, look for the keys on the right hand side labeled MinValue and MaxValue.

7. Double click on each value and make sure they are both set to ‘0’.

8. Select ‘Edit’ and ‘Find Next…’.

9. Continue to replace MinValue and MaxValue for each entry until you have replaced them all.

10. Close the registry editor and shut down your computer.

11. Core Parking should now be disabled.