How to manually update your Video card and Sound Card drivers Windows

Manual Method to Install Video/Audio Card Drivers:

This is very simple method of updating your drivers.If you follow the instructions exactly without any flaws,you can update drivers.So,follow the instructions carefully.If you have any queries,please comment below.

1) First of all,go to start menu and search for “Control Panel”

update graphics card drivers windows 8

2) Now,click on control panel to open it.

3) Then,on the right top corner,you can find “view by” option.In the options,select small icons.

small icons device manager

4) Now,in the several options,you need to find “Device Manager”

device manager in control panel

5) After opening Device manager,double click on Display Adapters.Then you can find your video card name appearing below Display Adapters as shown in the image below.



6) Now left click on the Video card name and select “Update Driver Software”


6) Now, a screen pops out with two options as shown in the Image below.You have to select “search automatically for updated driver software” option.



That’s it.Windows will find the latest driver for your Video card and let’s you update it.If you would like to do it manually,scroll down to have a look at the manual method.But,the direct method is always recommended because sometimes it so happens that your PC may get crashed if you install drivers of other Video card.So be careful whenever you update your Cideo card drivers manually.

Manual Method:

In this method,

  • First of all,find the developers website.(I’m taking Nvidia as example.If you have intel video card,you need to visit intel’s official website.)
  • Then,go to drivers menu
  • Then,select your Video card and Operating System.



  • Then,download the latest drivers.After downloading,install the drivers by just following the simple instructions.After complete installation,restart your PC to let the changes happen.

How to Update Sound Card Drivers of your PC Windows 8:

To update sound card drivers,follow the first five steps of above method to open Device manager.

  • Then,in the device manager,double click on Sound.


  • Then left click on the drivers you need to update and select “Update Driver Software”

That’s it.Windows will find the latest version of drivers and installs it.If you have any queries/questions,head up to our Forums for Help.