How to Remove Film Grain in Dying Light PC game

We are up with another How to Guide for Dying Light. This Guide gonna teach you how to remove unwanted Film Grain from the Game Dying Light. This game has recently released for PC and consoles and has got a great response. However, it also got negative comments due to some minor Bugs. The franchise is working on a Steady patch which can make the game Bug less. This Guide is published on Steam . To do this, just follow the steps given below.

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  • You need to locate the Dying Light Steam folder on your PC first. If you did not find it, you can see the image below .(Notice the File location Address above)
How to remove Film grain from Dying light


Now you can find Data0 file. You will need to open it with Winrar, or 7zip or some other similar unzip software. After you have opened it up, you will extract the data folder to the dying light folder located within your documents, it should be something like documents/dyinglight/out. If you did not find it, make sure that you notice the File location in the image below.

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  • After you have extracted the data folder to documents\dyinglight\out you will then navigate to that folder. Within that folder you will find a folder titled “Scripts” within that folder are 2 files with the same name one is a pak file, the other is a “Screensaver” file type,we will be working with the “SCREENSAVER” file type only. Make sure that you back up the file before further use.
  • After you have located the file titled Varlist_noise , you will open notepad, do not try to open the file with notepad, just simply open a blank notepad, now all you simply do is DRAG the Varlist_noise file onto your blank note pad, it should look like this in the picture below.
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  • Now, you are ready to make the change. In the first line, you can find 0.15 value. You need to change that value to 0.00 . That’s it and you’re done.
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Thanks for Reading. Happy Gaming 🙂


  • Cedup

    Why not deactivate it in the settings? Or was this added via patch?