More Error Fixes for Dying Light PC- Msvcr110.dll Missing, Not Responding, Config Location, FOV change

Dying Light has received Very positive reviews from Steam and other Gaming websites. I have played this game on my PC and the gameplay is satisfactory. The graphics are Amazing. However, few people have been getting Minor errors while installing Dying Light on their PC . I have grouped those Errors and included the possible workarounds for the errors. If you think that this post leaves something off, please leave your comments and allow me to have a look. I have already published a post on Error fixes for Dying Light. Have a look at it.

More Errors and their Fixes: 

Msvcr110.dll/ D3dcompiler_43.dll Missing Errors Fix: 

You need not do Hours of research finding the solution for this error. This error can be solved easily using Dll-Files Fixer. After downloading the free version of this tool from here, perform a Complete System scan. After that, you can solve the errors by one click. You can solve any kind of Dll error using it. Thank Dll-Files Fixer.

ResizeBuffers failed 0x887a0005 Fix: 

Verify the integrity of Game cache Files from the Steam Library. If that didn’t help, I suggest you to Re-install the game.

DyingLight.exe not Responding: 

A black screen appears and this error message appears. To solve this, I suggest you to change the Desktop Resolution to the resolution of the Game. Also, I highly recommend you to update your GPU drivers. I don’t know why many Gamers don’t do this 😐 . I have seen people using Drivers of 2007. To avoid any other errors while updating the drivers, I suggest you to use Driver Scanner. Download it and that’s it. It will prompt error messages and helps you solve them easily without any issues.

Dying Light – Configuration File Location

  • Windows – Documents\DyingLight\out\settings\
  • Linux – <path-to-game>/Dying Light/DW/out/Settings/

Can’t change FOV (Field of View)

You can do this by,

  • Opening the configuration file (Video.scr) into Notepad or other text editor. Locate the value for ExtraGameFov. 20 equates to 72° vertical (102° horizontal) FOV.

How to Skip Intro Videos in Dying Light ?

Find ‘Dying Light’ in your Steam Library, Right-click the game name, Select Properties, Select Set Launch Options…, Input –nologos, press OK, launch the game.

Another Fix for Lag/ Low FPS:

Use Razer Game booster . To do this,

  • Download Razer game booster and install it.
  • Now, right click on Dying Light application and select “open with Razer Game booster” option.
  • This halts the unwanted backward tasks and gives more priority for the Game.

Please comment your Update and make us update this post. Happy Gaming 🙂