NBA 2K15 PC Low FPS/Lag,Stuttering,D3d11.dll Errors Fix

As many of you know,the Final quarter of this year is going to be exiting for the Gamers as many of the Game series will be releasing their sequels during this Quarter.NBA 2K15 also falls into the same category.They have released NBA 2K15 as a sequel for NBA 2K14 recently into the market.This game is the sequel for NBA 2K14,which was one of the best selling sports games of 2014.In total,this is the 16th installment in the series of NBA for 2K Game Franchise(The franchise which published the NBA games).Unlike NBA 2K13,this game has been released into the market with only one cover which is of Kobe Bryant.This game is released on October 7,2014 officially in North America.Later,after to two days gap,this game is released worldwide.

.Here,i will be trying my level best to point out some of the prominent errors that occur while playing or installing NBA 2k15 on PC.Anyway,if you find solution for your Error,please like us on Facebook .

NBA 2k15 gameplay PCNBA 2k15 gameplay

NBA 2K15 Low FPS/Lag Fix : 

Well,out of all,this is the most prominent issue.Many of you might have been facing troubles playing NBA 2K15 on your PC with Lag.Note that the poor performance of your PC is due to your PC hardware components(especially Graphics Card) .If you have a Low-end PC,then you cannot expect your PC to run games like NBA 2K15.Anyway,the best solution to fix this error is to upgrade your Graphics card.However,there are some temporary solutions for reducing the lag which i have discussed in detail below.You may not a great increase in the FPS but all i can assure is “your PC performance will be better than the previous”.Okay,now head up to the temporary solutions directly by scrolling Down.

Methods to Reduce lag While Playing NBA 2K15:

Tip 1:Use Razer Game Booster:

Haven’t ever heard about it ? This is one of the best tool to increase your PC Gaming Performance.There are also some Software like CCleaner which can clean your PC and hence increase the performance.But,this tool is especially developed for gaming.

What does this Tool do ?

Well,Razer Game Booster actually halts the unwanted Background Tasks and stuff like that to get maximum performance from your Video card and hence makes you Play games smoothly.Many of the Gamers do not believe in Game Boosters,but they really work for me.Anyway,you can try this method by following the steps i have listed below.But before trying,note that it requires Microsoft 4.0 Framework installed on your PC to run.

  • First of all,you need to download the Original game Booster from here(Free)
  • Now,you need to install it.(Simple Installation)
  • Once you have installed it,you are ready to work out.
  • Left click on the NBA 2K15 file and select “open with Razer Game Booster” option.
  • It takes 5-10 secs to get initialized.Then after,you can directly play the Game.If you find change in FPS,please come back here and comment below.

Also note that,this Razer game booster will also sends you notices regarding the new Video card and Sound card driver updates.If you do follow them,the Razer Game booster works more powerfully.There is also another tool that could give good results in increasing FPS while playing NBA 2k15.It is the swift shader.It is very simple to use.You have to download the swift shader from the internet and extract the files present in it to the desktop.In the extracted folder,you can find a dll file which you have to copy and paste into Game root Directory of NBA 2K15 which will be present in Program Files.Well,i will not recommend swift shader because it will disable the important textures from the Game which makes the game look like Crap.Anyway,if your main intention is to reduce lag,you can also use Swift Shader.

Tip 2:Lower the Resolution in Game settings

If you could not run the game in High settings without lag,try lowering the resolution and Graphics settings of the game.

Tip 3: Give Maximum Priority for NBA 2K15 in Task Manager:

1) In the Task Manager,first of all select “Details” Tab.Then,you need to search for NBA 2K15 exe file.



2) Once after finding,left click on it and open”set priority” option.Now you can see options like Real time,high,low……Select High or Real time so as to make your PC give max priority for NBA 2K15.

NBA 2K15 stuttering Video/Audio:

To solve this error,you have to update your Video card and sound card drivers.This solves 90% of the stuttering issues.You can directly update your Drivers from the Device Manager.Click here to know how to update your Video card and sound card drivers.If you use Nvidia Video card,then you can easily solve the stuttering error by following the instructions listed below.

1) Left click anywhere on the desktop screen and select “Nvidia Control Panel”



2) After opening control panel,select Manage 3D settings option.


3) Then,if you did not find NBA 2k15 in the items list (like me),you have to manually add it by clicking on add.

4) If you have recently played the game,you can select recently used option to find NBA 2K15.If not,you should manually navigate to the folder of NBA 2K15 present in your Program Files.


5) Now,once after adding the game,you have to change the default settings to the following.

  • Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance

  • • Triple Buffering: On

  • • Vertical Sync: On

d3d11.dll is missing while playing NBA 2K15 Error Fix:

Well,this error is related to DirectX.So,reinstalling DirectX must solve this error.If it did not,

  • Download D3d11.dll file from here
  • After downloading,extract the contents from the ZIP file.
  • Now,you can find a copy of D3D11.Dll in the extracted folder.
  • Copy it and paste it into Windows:>System 32 folder.

If this did not work,try for the Alternate solutions listed below.

Alternate Solutions to fix D3d11.dll Error

  • Turn of your anti-virus and try to re-install the game.This will work because sometimes it so happens that your Antivirus will not allow the run file to run.So to overcome this error,disabling the Anti-virus also and re-installing the game is also a good option.
  • Temporarily turn off your firewall and internet connection and run the game. This could solve an issue where your firewall interfered with the game when it tries to synch with an online source. If turned off, the game will usually not try to synch, and no error appears. 
  • Update the Drivers of your Video card and Sound card and also update the game with latest Patches available.

Error Code CE-34878-0 NBA 2K15 Fix:

Once after finding this error code,you need to close the game(application) and search for Latest Game patches and PS4 software updates and install them.If this didn’t work,remove the PS camera(if connected),then go to  [Settings] > [User] > [Login Settings] and turn “Enable Face Recognition” OFF.

If still,you did not solve the problem,go to Settings > Initialization and choose initialize PS4 option.

  • If you have any questions or queries still,please head up to our Forums where our community will be available for you to help.