Swing Copters Tips and Tricks (Best) for High Score

Nearly 100 Million people have downloaded Flappy bird from the Google play store after it’s release.But soon after it’s release,the creator removed the Flappy bird from Google play store.His explanation was “I have created this game for people to get relaxation from their work by playing it for 5 to 10 minutes.But,the game has become more addictive than i expected.I don’t people to waste their time playing Flappy Bird.For this,the only solution is to remove Flappy Bird.It’s gone forever.”

Then after,the mania of Flappy bird came on decreasing.Before forgetting the Flappy Bird,the Creator published a new game which almost resembles Flappy Bird.It is nothing but “Swing copters”.Unlike Flappy Bird,in this game you have to control a character that has a copter propeller above it.You have to tap the screen to change the direction of the character.By changing directions(by tapping),you have to safely come out through the obstacles(Same like Flappy Bird).However,this game is also as tough and as frustrating as Flappy Bird.But however,this game also got huge popularity in the internet.It has got 1 million downloads from Play store already.Okay,here i will show you some of the best Tips and Tricks for playing Swing copters more effectively.

Swing Copters Tips and Tricks:

Well,here i will be giving you the list of swing copters tips and tricks and if you like them,please share it on your Facebook wall and help us grow.

1) Don’t Tap Repeatedly:

Well,i know this is a frustrating and addictive game,one will tap the screen repeatedly once he did not get High score.But,tapping frequently is not a good way to get high score.You have to tap according to the obstacles.As you know,if you tap,the direction will change.So,always make sure that you tap the screen always when you are at the corners of the screen.


swing copters for pc

2) Be Patient:

Patience plays important role in getting High score while playing Swing Copters.Once if you did not get High score ,you will get frustrated.Same happened with the Flappy Bird.As it was tough,people have got frustration while playing Flappy Bird.Even though,they were unable to stop the addiction towards Flappy Bird.Finally,the Developer himself removed the game from Play store.On asking,he said that people are wasting their valuable time by playing Flappy Bird.Anyway,always be cool and settle free while playing the game.

3) Get Rhythm:

Well,during the start,you may not be able to reach even a score of 10.But,soon after,once you get the rhythm on the game,slowly you will get high scores.Myself,during the first day,i just crossed 5 and made a high score of 6.Later,once after gaining rhythm,it has become easy affair.Anyway,gaining rhythm is one of the best tricks to get high score in Swing Copters.

4) HACK!!!!

If you have a Rooted Android mobile phone,hacking scores is pretty simple.Anyway,if you would like to show off among your friends with your High score,you can use apps like Gamekiller to manipulate the High scores.But,make sure that your Hacked high score believable.If you have a high score like 99999999,people won’t believe it.So,keep your high score anyway between 1000 and 1500.



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