The Crew-Scrap Salvager Trophy Achievement Guide-Video Tutorial

The crew is released today and is getting very positive reviews from the Steam and Up-lay.Gamers are pretty much pleased with the Graphics of this game.Meanwhile,i have come up with a new trophy achievement guide for The Crew.This is about Scrap Salvager trophy.You can achieve this one after finding all the wreck parts in The Crew game.There are nearly 20 wreck parts in The Crew.This will also unlock a hidden car “Hotrod HuP One”.This car is a bonus for Scrap salvager achievement. The wreck parts show up as blinking icons on the in-game map if you have explored the area around them.

the crew wallpapers for windows

The ones in unexplored locations will not be marked in any way. When you get close to one of these collectibles you will hear a beeping sound. As you get closer the beeping sound will get faster too. On the mini-map you will also see the direction in which the part can be found.You can get them at any point of the game. As soon as you pick up a collectible your progress will be saved automatically. After finding the last wreck part you must return to the HQ to unlock the car.Have a look at the video embedded below for more information regarding the locations of the 20 wreck parts.Never Drive Alone 😀

Video Tutorial: Scrap Salvager Trophy