The Crew-We don’t need Roads Trophy Achievement Guide

We don’t need Roads is a very simple achievement.You can chose any car to achieve this.Just burn nitro exactly at 88 Miles per hour speed (110 Kmph).You will automatically get this achievement once after doing this.You can do it in the very beginning of the story if you want to get it out of the way. When the Speedometer shows 88mph (or 141 km/h) you must use nitro. You can change between mph and km/h in the game options (Metric Unit / Imperial Unit). Gently press R2 (PlayStation) / RT (Xbox) too accelerate slowly. Don’t press these buttons too hard cause it will make you accelerate much quicker and just make this harder.Nitro regenerates automatically over time.You can also check the video embedded below for more information.Please like our Facebook Page once after achieving this. 😀 🙂

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Video Tutorial: We don’t need Roads: