Top 5 Best Anti-virus Software for Gaming 2016- PC Tips Guide

So Gamers. Have you ever encountered this issue where you download and install a game, and finally when you open it, it doesn’t show up anything ? Also, did you notice that sometimes your downloading get stopped at some % and never pushes further ? Well yeah, the reason might be your Anti Virus Software. Most of you might think that Anti-virus is waste of money. There are all rumors saying that the Developers of the Anti-virus programs are the ones who create the malware and release into the market. We never know what happens underground. All we can do is protect our PC from malware. So, in this post we’ll be giving the list of best Anti-virus for Gaming for 2016. But before, let’s know why Anti-virus is important for Gaming.

Why is Anti-virus Important for Gaming ?

Running without anti virus is a very risky thing, even if you aren’t using the internet at all. You can still potentially get a virus through Steam, Origin, or Uplay exploits. Also, whenever you download the games from Pirated websites, there’s high possibility of injected malware along with the game. They might result in adding new tool bars to your browser, and sometimes even steal the Login credentials of your Social accounts.  There are several Free and Premium Anti-virus Software available for you. As expected, the best Anti-virus for Gaming cost more and the freewares do come up with limitations.

So, here goes the list of Best Anti-virus software for gaming in 2016

Best Anti-virus Software for Gaming in 2016

#Avira Antivirus

logo200-17516 Now that we know why an anti-virus software is essential for a Gaming PC, we recommend Avira anti-virus as the best option out there. Avira has both free and premium versions. Free version as expected, comes up with wide range of limitations. However, it does provide services like Community Support. However, you have to bear the ads that come up with the software.

However, If you want to get rid of the adware and want to get full access, you can opt for the premium version anytime. The premium version also secures your banking/billing details which are essential while buying a game from Steam or any other marketplace. The Premium version also provides Phone & email support.

Download Avira Anti-virus from here.

#BitDefender Antivirus

bitdefender_logo BitDefender is probably one of the most known anti-virus in the world. Bitdefender’s engine is probably the most appreciated engine in the market. It’s web filtering blocks access to malicious sites, a secure browser keeps your online financial transactions safe, and there’s a password manager which auto-completes credit card details in web forms.

So, whenever you’re going through the payment center in Steam or anyother market place, having Bitdefender can help you get rid of any of the threats. There are few Anti-virus in the market which might come up with false positives while installing a game. Few of the AVs detect malware in the game files and hence do not allow the game to run. You can take it for granted if you are downloading from Steam. However, if you’re downloading it from Torrents or any other pirated websites, then you need to take care. However, BitDefender is one such anti-virus which doesn’t not show false warnings.  Hence,it also turns out to be one of the Best Anti-virus Software for Gaming in 2016.

Download BitDefender from here

#Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 is a stripped-back and focuses more on the Security issues like web filtering blocks dangerous URLs. It has an accurate antivirus engine detects and removes threats, smart monitoring technologies track and reverse malicious actions.

It also doesn’t pop up with annoying false warnings all the time. However, its a bit expensive. If you can adjust your budget, then yeah, it’s a reliable choice. They boast of three main features namely SECURITY, PERFORMANCE and SIMPLICITY. Kaspersky is pretty much simple and easy to use. It’s security and performance are definitely worth the price. If you think you can adjust your budget a little, then this is perfectly reliable choice for your Gaming PC.

Download Kaspersky From here.

#McAfee Antivirus

unnamed McAfee Security Antivirus is developed by John McAfee, famous American Computer Programmer. McAfee is one of the most popular Anti-virus software out there in the market. It provides services like Mobile security, Secure cloud storage and password manager.

Backup options and security features work flawlessly. It has got many awards to it’s name in 2015. There are various versions like McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Internet security etc which have their pros and cons. Password Manager feature certainly will help you. As a Gamer, we have accounts in various websites and we might have a lot of resources in our accounts. It really hurts when someone steals our resources from the Gaming accounts and trades them to his account. Doesn’t it ?

Download McAfee from here.

#Webroot Secure Antivirus

WSAIS-logo-160x100-v2  This is probably the least heard among all the other software in this list. However, webroot is one of the finest and effective anti-virus software available in the market. The best thing about webroot anti-virus is, it uses the least disk space among all. As we all know, Disk Space is one of the important concerns for a Gamer. Disk space issues can also cause crashes while playing. Amazing fact is ,it uses 143X less Disk space than it’s closest competitor i.e McAfee Anti-virus.

It also uses 11x less computer memory than it’s closest competitor which is Norton Security. They also boast of the faster scanning action. We haven’t tried it. However, it does have some amazing reviews around the market.

Download Webroot From here.

So, this is the list of Best Anti-virus Software for 2016. What are your views ? Which AV do you use for your Gaming Rig ? Let’s discuss in the comments section.