Top 5 Best Baseball Games for PC,PS3,XBOX

Baseball is one of the most played sports of United states of America.It is also a Bat an ball type game like Cricket.Unlike cricket,in this game one run is counted only when a particular person complete’s running 4 bases around  the fielders.Also unlike Cricket there are only 9 players in a Baseball team while a cricket team has 11 players.This Baseball game is mostly prominent in USA and Canada.Here,you can find the list of best Baseball games that are released for PC,PS3 and even XBOX.After considering nearly 20 Baseball games that are released for these platforms,i have finally concluded this list of best baseball games for PC.I hope you all like this list.Have a look at the list of top 5 best baseball games for PC below.

5) Out of the Park Baseball Series:

It is often abbreviated as OOTP which means Out of the Park Baseball.It is a text based simulation game in which the player can simulate career and fiction play.The first ever game released in this series was Out of the Park Football which was released in 1999.The recent release in this series is OOTP 15 which was released on April 18,2014.Also,you can find the drafts of historic players and Custom leagues which are a good asset for this game.All in all,this is a good baseball game for PC.



4) Tripe Play 2000

Triple Pay 2000 is one of the 7 Baseball games released in the series of triple play.This game is released for PlayStation,XBOX and Microsoft windows i.e PC in 1999 as the successor for Triple Play 1999.You may not find great graphics in this game,but promisingly,this is one of the best baseball games ever released for any paltform.Also,this game has got a decent rating of 7/10 from IGN,one of the famous Game critics.



3) MVP Baseball 2005

Another fantastic Baseball game released for Gaming consoles like PlayStation,Wii and XBOX.This game was released by Electronic arts,one of the leading Game developers in the world on February 22,2005.It got place in Top 100 notable games of 2006 according to IGN. This game includes 30 major Baseball teams and their home grounds.In this game,one can find Exhibition mode in which player can directly play the game and the other is Manager mode in which you have to be the manager for your team.Although this game is released in 2005,this game has good reviews and thus got a place in this list of best baseball games.



2) Major League Baseball 2K12

Major League Baseball 2K12 or MLB 2K12 is one of those games which present day Gamers love.It has fantastic graphics with high clarity Gameplay.This game was developed by 2K sports For PS3,PS2,wii,XBOX and Microsoft Windows on March 6,2012.This game includes three modes namely “The Perfect Game Challenge”,MLB today season mode and Franchise mode which differ in gameplay.



1) MLB 2K13

Major League Baseball 2K13 is the immediate next installment for MLB 2K12.This game is also released by 2K sports(Obviously) on March 5,2013 i.e exactly one year after the release of MLB 2k12 which stood second in this list of best baseball games for PC.This game is released for PS3 and XBOX and is expected to release this game for Microsoft windows later.All the modes are pretty similar to the previous game,but the graphics are little more enhanced.


That’s it.This is the list of best Baseball games for PC.Thanks for reading.Please Bookmark us .!

  • Abbie Hoffman

    I really miss Baseball games for the PC. Tony La Russa III and Oldtime Baseball and High Heat were the last great Baseball PC games. MLB 2K series sucks! You can’t manage a team and the only version on PC sucks graphically.

    • Culburn

      I love “Oldtime Baseball.” I’m having a season now, managing the 1961 Milwaukee Braves. I bought the game when it hit in ’95 and it just made a connection. The music, the names, my God it’s just beyond the imagination.