Top 5 best FPS games For PC,PS3,XBOX 2014-2015

FPS stands for First person shooter games.This is a category in Video games in which the player hands a gun to fight in a combat in first person perspective which means the person can experience the actions through protagonist or antagonist sometimes.This is one of the most famous category of Gaming.Also,this is the most played Gaming category in the gaming world.There are many game series that are released in this FPS series.Mainly,Battlefield and Call of duty are the two most famous Game series of FPS games. The first ever FPS game was Maze war which was released in 1973.Later,counter strike released in 2000 became one of the most famous FPS games ever in the Computer games history.Also,Half life released in 1998 became more popular with it’s sequel Half-life 2 released in 2004.Here,i will write about the best fps games for PC in 2014.I hope you all like this list.Please do share on Social networks like Facebook,Twitter etc.This list will start from 5 and counts down to 1

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the immediate next installation of COD ghosts from the series of Call of Duty games.It is yet to be released in the market.This game will be released on November 4,2014 for Play-station,XBOX and Microsoft Windows.This is one of the most awaited games of 2014.You can pre-order it on Amazon. This game is also much similar to the other Call of duty games which are played from First person perspective.But,there is huge advancement in Graphics,weapons and Game-play.Battlefield hard line is having great competition with this game.However,these two games differ in their stories and Game-plays.This game no doubt will be one of the best fps games for PC in 2015


BattleField Hard Line

Battlefield hardline is another FPS game that caught the attention of many gamers.This is immediate installment for battlefield 4 in the series of battlefield games.This fps game is expected to release in the first quarter of 2015 by Electronic arts.Although,it’s release date is pretty far due from now,still there are many per-orders for this game in Amazon.It has severe competition from the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.Although both are FPS games,they differ in their gameplay,story and Interface.The developers are planning to release this game for Microsoft windows,XBOX 360,XBOX one,Playstation 3&4 in the first quarter of 2015.Many gamers like me are eagerly waiting for the release of this Game.


 TITANFALL-Best selling FPS game of 2014

Another Fantastic FPS game released by Electronic Arts in 2014.This game was released on March 11,2014 and has got record sales in March.This game stands 2nd in the list of best selling games of 2014 after Watch dogs.Since,Watch dogs is and open world game,this game stands as the best selling fps game 2014.In this game,players control their pilots and titans to fight in a 6 on 6 match that takes place in a war background.All in all,this is a must buy FPS game of 2014.



 Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians is an upcoming FPS game that will be exclusively released for XBOX one.It is the sequel for Halo 4 which is released in 2012.This game is expected to release in the first quarter of 2015 by the Microsoft studious..For the later versions of this game for Playstation and PC,it takes some more time.So,this game is expected to release for all the platforms by the end of 2015.One can expect the essence of  HALO in this game also.




Another upcoming online mutlipayer FPS game in an open world setting.Unlike the other games that are developed by EA,this game is developed by Activison media.This game will be released for PS3,PS4,XBOX 360 and XBOX on September 9,2014.The beta test for this game was successfully tested on July 27,2014.For the first,this game provides First person shooter game in an Open world arena.Hope this game also gets released for PC.Anyways,that’s all for this list.I hope you all liked this list of top 5 best FPs games for PC,PS3,XBOX in 2014 and 2015.Please do share this post on social networks if you like this post.