Top 5 Best Gaming YouTube Channels to Subscribe in 2017

Ever since it’s foundation,YouTube has become the best platform for the Creators and Viewers to see and do what they want.YouTube is now not only a Website that contains videos, but also a friendly community with it’s YouTube channels. There are various categories of YouTube channels like Gaming, Science, Daily vlogging and some discuss about How-to’s. No matter what your channel is about, one can simply find viewers for their videos at YouTube. According to recent statistics, more than 1 Billion unique viewers visit YouTube every month. Other similar websites like Dailymotion, Metacafe are nowhere near to this Giant. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of YouTube channels that deal with Games like giving reviews, how-to-guides etc. We have did our best to list the 5 best YouTube channels among all. This is strictly an opinion piece. Do add your suggestions in the comments section.

So here, I would like to discuss about the Top 5 best YouTube channels which are specialized for Gaming. We can see videos like montages, gameplays, walkthrough, tutorial guides etc. However, few of the Gaming channels are specified only to a single game. The number of YouTube channels about minecraft is an example. So, here goes the list.

1) Pewdiepie

Nothing Special. There is no reason to not take the Pewdiepie in the First place. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the original name of Pewdiepie. His nickname is Pewds. He always makes you laugh when you watch his videos. This channel is also the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel with nearly 44 Million subscribers. He beats even RihannaVEVO in terms of monthly visits.


His most viewed videos are of Happy wheels. The way he narrates the story during the walk through of the game makes you laugh immediately. We often see his girlfriend “Cutie Pie Marzia” in his videos. He also has a playlist of videos titled “Fridays with pewdie” and “Pewds does everything” where he performs according to the tasks given by his subscribers on twitter using a hashtag. However, he no more does such videos.

#2: UberHaxorNova

This guy is Hilarious. He makes you laugh all the time you watch his videos.Truly, he is a great entertainer who by playing games makes you laugh like Pewds. He’s very very down to earth and crazy.His voice is an asset for him. He plays all the latest games in his own style (which often, is quite hilarious). James Richard Wilson is his original name.He was born on June 1st,1990.

He is famous for his funny Minecraft Gameplays. You can search for “WOOL” on youtube and can find his video.That is one of the most funniest videos of his Channel. I have embedded that video so that you can have a look into it.

#3: RoosterTeeth

RoosterTeeth one of the Machinima Affiliated Gaming YouTube channel which is very much famous onYouTube. Generally, few of the YouTube gamers sign partnership with Machinima for video monetization. RoosterTeeth is one such YouTube channel. This channel also uploads some interesting and Funny gaming videos like things to do in, Glitches and so on. There is no limit for entertainment in these videos.They are mainly famous for their Multi-channel network located at Texas,USA.


With nearly 8 million subscribers and nearly 3 Billion worldwide total views,this channel stands second in the list of best gaming YouTube Channels.Some of the interesting videos like Angry Birds Trailer, Surgeon Simulator glitches are THE BEST VIDEOS IN THIS CHANNEL.!!!

#4 OfficialNerdCubed

OfficialNerdCubed or the Nerd³ is the third biggest and best gaming YouTube channel. Daniel Hardcastle is the official owner of this channel who was born on March 23,1989. He has his own editing style which makes the viewer get more into the video content. He deals with Gameplay videos. This channel is more frequent than the other channels in this list. We can see atleast 3 videos uploaded to this channel which makes this channel worth watching as they’re good both in quality and quantity.


With his subscriber of around 2.5 Million, he has total views which are near to 500 Million. Apparently, this is the best YouTube channel from United Kingdom .He is famous for his Simulator Gameplays. Best videos to watch in his channel are Surgeon Simulator and Microsoft Flight simulator Gameplays.

#5: TheSyndicateProject

Yet another awesome YouTube gaming channel which will entertain you the most.In terms of number of subscribers, this channel should stands second in this list.However, when we conducted a poll elsewhere on the internet, we found that this guy has received less number of votes than the rest. However, his gameplays, walkthroughs and Vlogs are definitely worth your time.

The best videos in this channel are COD Ghosts and Grand theft Auto 5 videos.

So, that’s all for this post. Again, this is strictly our opinion. Opinions vary all the time. If you would like to share your thoughts, head to the comments section and leave the comments. Peace 😀