Android has become the biggest Gaming platform now.Already there are nearly 200 Million Android Mobile phones in the world.That’s why many new games have been releasing on the Play store everyday.Also,there will be no surprise even if Mobile Gaming out runs PC gaming sooner.Anyway,here i will be discussing about Best multi-player Android games in 2014 and 2015.Well,Multi-player games help us to play with other players of the world at any time and for free.You can show your Gaming skills to the outer world while playing Multiplayer games.Here,i will be showing the list of 5 best Multiplayer Android games in 2014 and 2015.Please,like us on Facebook if you like this list.

1) Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

This is the one of the Best FPS game for Android Devices at present.This game was developed and Published by Gameloft.They have released this game in 2012 for Android and iOS.It has nearly 1 Million downloads from Play Store and approximately equal number of downloads from Apple iTunes.This game is the immediate next installment for Modern Combat 3: Fallen nation in the series of Modern combat games.You will take the role of one of the few soldiers who are left to save the world from the hunt of Terrorists.You have to take them down with your Weaponry and hence can become the Commando.

modern combat 4 gameplay

2) Fun Run:

It is a multiplayer Racing game specially designed for Android mobile phones.Nearly 40 million android users have played this game atleast once.You have to just outrun your friends or some random people and race to the finish line first.That is your Main objective.Anyway,this game is best played with your friends.All in all,this is one of the best multiplayer android games.



3) Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is one of the best games ever for Android.Also,this game is the most Earning Android game at present.This game is released in 2012 for Android and iOS.It is an online battle of your and your friends clans.This game is just FANTASTIC..!!.(If not,why would it be the most earning Android game ever ?).This has nearly 100 Million downloads from Google play store and has a user rating of 4.6/5. In my opinion,this game should be given 5/5 rating without any doubt.



4) Battle Monkeys:

Battle Monkeys is basically a strategy Multiplayer game.In this game,you have to control an army of Monkeys and send them to fight with the Army of your Friend or any other Random person.Everytime you win a battle,you will earn some points with which you can customize your Army.Nearly 4 players armies can play at a time.Also,there will be some special tournaments in this game which can get you some exciting prizes if your win the Tournament.All in all,another must have game in this list of best Multiplayer Android games.

5) Gun Bros:

The name itself indicates that it is related to shooting.This game is released for Android and iOS in 2012 and has got some good reviews from the Review critics.This game stands 5th in this list of best Multiplayer Android games.You have to take the role of a character in the game and should start fighting with your enemies.This game has nearly 20 Million downloads from the Play store and has 4.4 rating.It is worth installing game for your Android Phone,iPhone or iPad.That’s it.This is the list of 5 best multiplayer games for Android.I hope you all liked this list.Please like us on Facebook by clicking here

gun bros 2 gameplay