Top 5 Best Racing Wheels for Forza Horizon 3- PC/PS/XBOX

Keyboard and mouse serve for most of the game genres like FPS, open world etc. A controller/joy-stick can be used as an alternative for the keyboard+ mouse for such games. However, when we deal about racing games, the Keyboard+Mouse and controller just don’t seem to fit in. This is where Racing wheels/ Gaming wheels come into picture. They can literally give you a real life experience of driving a four wheeler. So, I know most of you are here because you’re in a dilemma on which racing wheel to buy. This guide will definitely help you to choose the best wheel for your budget. Here is the list of top 5 best racing wheels for PC, XBOX and PlayStation.


However, if you are a beginner, you may not need such advanced gaming wheel. You can just get started with “Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider” which obviously misses most of the features but definitely a good start for the beginners. It doesn’t have force feedback support.

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#1: Logitech G27:

No matter what, this is absolutely the best Racing steering wheel ever. It is compatible with your consoles and also PC. It comes with 16 customizable buttons and is definitely the best choice if you want the best force-feedback experience. It also supports 900 degree rotation (similar to the real life four wheelers). And most of the time, you don’t find clutch pedal for the upcoming racing wheels. But, this one comes with ¬†clutch, brake and accelerating pedals. It also has leather grip which stands out to be the best among all. It’s very much compatible. You just need a stand (like a keyboard stand) that can bear the weight of it. The connections are really simple but they do look messy as there’s more wires and stuff involved.


  • 900 Degree rotation.
  • Comes with clutch, brake and accelerator pedals.
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Stick Shift (all gears)



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#2: Thrustmaster T300RS:

Although it’s a bit more expensive than the Logitech G27, it does come up with 1080 degree wheel rotation so that you can rotate the wheel completely for 3 times. Where as the Logitech G27 has 900 degree suppport only. The force feedback¬†is strong and gives you a convincing gameplay while playing racing games (especially F1 race). It comes with 13 customizable buttons and shifting paddles. However, there’s no clutch lever for this racing wheel. It supports playstation consoles and PC.


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#3: Logitech Driving Force GT:

This is the budget version of Logitech G27. It supports PC and consoles. It has similar features of G27 like 16 customizable buttons, force feedback. However, it misses the clutch lever. I’ve been using it since 2 years and I never thought of selling or exchaning it. It’s durability, precision and realistic feedback definitely worth it’s money and worth giving a try. It also has warranty for an year and suits best for Euro truck Simulator 2 and probably the upcoming American Truck simulator.


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#4: Thrustmaster T80 Racing wheel

Although this doesn’t have force feedback and clutch pedal, as we promised, we are recommending this for the budget and beginner gamers. It’s price is just under $90 and it’s a great way to start your Racing wheel life. An added advantage this racing wheel has is, you can adjust the brake and accelerator lever to get the realistic experience (Generally, brake is hard to press). Not to mention that this is definitely not for those who are willing to buy the best (no matter what the budget is)

Video review of T80:


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#5: Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch edition:

I think the name says it all. It’s manufactured by thurstmaster for those who are willing to have a clutch lever and force feedback and for a limited budget. However, since the budget is limited, it does come up with quality less wires and stuff and may not last longer. This doesn’t suit for the gamers who are willing to have a long run with one racing wheel.


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Okay, that’s all for this post. If you need anymore suggestions regarding this post, please comment below and we would love to help you.

  • Apocolyptica

    Pretty obvious whoever wrote this had no clue what they were talking about. The Thrustmaster T300RS is better that the G27 by far. Why would list the bargain basement Thrustmaster T80 but not the T150?

    • bruh

      the t300rs is a rip off how many sim racers actually want to drive an automatic and even if you wanted to its like an extra 300$

    • Luke Sungaila

      they didnt list the new g29 or g920 either but the T300RS is a pos and sits in the atic collecting dust. g25 and g27 are still my favourite wheels to date, not a big fan of the 29 or 920. theres no point of mentioning the t150 as its the lesser version of the t300, the t80 was mentioned as a budget/beginner wheel.

  • Ronald Nicolaisen

    thurstmaster = thrustmaster

  • Lostboy

    Pretty obvious they just slapped a new name on an old article Forza doesn’t support half these wheels LOL