Top 5 Best Racing Wheels for Forza Horizon 3- PC/PS/XBOX

Adrian Smith

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  • Apocolyptica

    Pretty obvious whoever wrote this had no clue what they were talking about. The Thrustmaster T300RS is better that the G27 by far. Why would list the bargain basement Thrustmaster T80 but not the T150?

    • bruh

      the t300rs is a rip off how many sim racers actually want to drive an automatic and even if you wanted to its like an extra 300$

    • Luke Sungaila

      they didnt list the new g29 or g920 either but the T300RS is a pos and sits in the atic collecting dust. g25 and g27 are still my favourite wheels to date, not a big fan of the 29 or 920. theres no point of mentioning the t150 as its the lesser version of the t300, the t80 was mentioned as a budget/beginner wheel.

  • Ronald Nicolaisen

    thurstmaster = thrustmaster

  • Lostboy

    Pretty obvious they just slapped a new name on an old article Forza doesn’t support half these wheels LOL